And now that you mention it, I can’t remember the last time I drove a car.

Brooklyn, and isn't it fab to NOT drive a car!

Best looking denim dress I've ever seen--and back in the late 90s, I saw a lot of them. Yes, I had one too. Of course it's ANGIE that makes the difference. And I'm drooling over that jacket.

So adorable! That dress looks amazing on you, Angie. So long and lean. It has that perfect mix of casual and polished that you wear so well. Looks great with the blue sneaks and bag. Your hair is really looking great, too.
I agree, I'm enjoying not driving much. Once a week, we drive to a bakery/coffee shop that we like, to pick up treats to go. Otherwise, not much reason to drive anywhere!

Late to the party but that is one fabulous denim dress on you. The longer length and the slim cut--so flattering and stylish!

Oh, always love a jeans/denim dress-yours is really stylish at that length! I'm sure DPapa will continue to strenghten-just be patient- and God Save the KIng, of course!:-)

Looks great, and aww Sam Glad your dad's doing better!
I'm enjoying not driving much too (especially to the offices)!

Angie that dress!,, it is outstanding on you, the fit is perfect. I bought that Boden blazer and it is a beautiful piece and so versatile. I love how the polka dot print is quite subtle.

Sharan, that's a really nice observation - thanks! - and YES to treats but NO driving.

Kelly and Lyn67, thanks for the kind words, as always.

Suntiger, thanks for chiming in about Dad

Bijou, Boden makes impeccable blazers. HIGH FIVE!

I love you in your new denim dress!

Lovely dress! Thinking of you being so far away from your Dad, it really is so stressful when you can't hop on a plane to sort things out.

I don’t think I’ve ever looked at a denim dress and thought ‘elegant!’ before! And then the Nordstrom photo has such a different, hard-edged styling. Very interesting contrast that makes me think about versatility and personal style.

Runcarla's comment is so true!

The "boilersuit" and three quarter sleeve influence makes the style look fresh again and the way you styled it highlights the details that the heavy belt on the model obscured.

I would not have thought a denim dress could look new to me again

Delightful! What a cheery and happy look - you wear it so well!

Thanks so much, ladies. Go Team Denim Dress!