Warning -- long and unfocussed...

I think I would like to add a pair of booties to my closet this fall, but I am having a heck of a time settling on the "one boot" that will serve the many purposes I have in mind - from adding some edge or toughness to dressier/more conservative pieces to maybe adding a bit of polish to a casual outfit.

My first idea -- a black combat-style boot -- harkens back to the days when I wore black almost exclusively but it still seems annoyingly practical as a way to 'toughen up' an otherwise traditional black jacket and skirt of pants, or to dress up a pair of jeans or casual pants with the same black jacket.


  • Black pants will likely always be part of my fall/winter wardrobe, so a black boot is an obvious pairing. Even if I winnow them out, it will take time. A somewhat refined boot would be useful.
  • In the immediate term, they would make at least two pairs of pants I already own more wearable.
  • I have a black dress in need of boots and a black midi skirt that could get some wear this fall if I had the right footwear.
  • I also have a nice black blazer home in my "keep or return" zone. Combined with a slightly refined combat boot I think it could tie together a lot of other pieces either for the office or social outings.


  • I really enjoyed adding more colour to my wardrobe this summer, and would like to carry forward with a lighter and brighter theme...


  • The Blondo Pinky boot has the slightly refined look I am after, but not sure it will have the comfort. Try on planned for next weekend.
  • The Ecco Nouvelle boot has the higher shaft I prefer, but has a more sneaker-like sole, which is less preferred. I haven't tried this on but I've had luck with Ecco Soft 7s and Sartorelle oxfords, so I'm reasonably optimistic these could fit the bill comfort-wise.

The second option is a Blundstone women's series high top bootie.


  • Fit and comfort -- I know these work on my crabby feet, so that gives them a leg up already.
  • Choosing any of the colours below would support my shift away from black.
  • I COULD choose them in black, I suppose, but I already have a pair of black chisel-toe Blundstones.


  • They are a bit less refined than what I want for some purposes.
  • I can't pick a colour -- i'd happily have one of each!


  • Dusty grey is a new colour coming out this fall. I find greys very hard to coordinate, but the right grey might be a good bookend with my hair. They'd work well with the green items in my closet.
  • Burgundy keeps crossing my mind, but I already have a burgundy oxford. I wonder if a burgundy boot would steal wears from the oxfords. I could see the burgundy boot working with chocolate, burgundy, and charcoal bottoms (none of which I currently own, but which are on my wish list.) I think I could probably get away with it with some of my black bottoms given the right support act.
  • Camel is a new colour for this fall. I love this shade, and of course these warms tones are out now that my hair has lost it caramel highlights...Sigh. The brightness of the camel might make this boot feel a bit more dressy? They won't suit occasions when I need a shoe to dress up a black skirt, though.
  • These boots in Pearl have been taunting me since I bought and returned them last fall! I dearly wish these were less of a pinky-beige and more cream. Every so often I think it might be worthwhile to just live with it...

The third set of candidates are combat-style boots in white/cream.


  • Supports the move toward lighter colours.
  • Could work with black skirts/dress with the right support act.


  • Less refined than I have envisioned.
  • No zipper on the Docs


  • Ecco Nouvelle boot in Limestone. Same style as the black ones above. I like the high shaft. I think the black laces and sole mean these would work best with an outfit that has black in it, so maybe less versatile than a boot with a light sole?
  • Doc Martens Pascal in cream. The leather is supposedly soft (unlike my yellow ones which are stiff and feel heavy and awkward on my feet.)
  • Doc Martens Pascal in white -- with a black sole or a white sole. I guess the white sole makes them the most neutral. But the black sole feels a bit more grounded.

I've never tried Miz Mooz, so I don't know if they would work for me or not. But I am quite drawn to this antique graphite colour and it also comes in black. It looks like it is available to try on locally, so may just add that to my list as well.I think they'd pass for the kind of dressy I might need. I don't know how well these would work for all-day walking around wear but I do see potential in these.I have a grey velvet topper they'd pair well with!


I don't have a particularly cohesive fall and winter wardrobe yet. In some ways, what I find for footwear might shape what I add to the wardrobe -- It might be easier for me to find clothes to work with the shoes rather than the other way around.

Here's some of what i have:

  • Fall-weight puffers in cream, black and burgundy
  • Not much by way of bottoms, especially not for the depths of winter. I have a few things home under consideration but I'm still trying to tie it all together and decide what to keep. Most of what I have in this area is more appropriate for fall than winter.
  • I have green, cream, yellow and of course, black tops and toppers.

I am on the hunt to add dark browns, beige, charcoal and silver grey, burgundy, magenta and orange. And of course always open to more white and off-white.
Next weekend I hope to start try-ons to eliminate anything that just doesn't fit and see if any new candidates pop up.

In the meantime, I wonder what you all think? Picking only one means compromise, of course. What seems the most versatile?