They really are, Lisa! Perfect but for the pesky fit.

There's nothing like a couple of days of trying on shoes to put me in my place and remind me how very limited my options are if I am to prioritize comfort in my footwear.

I've eliminated many of the boots from my original list. Haven't even bothered to try on the Docs because they don't have side zippers.

Hoped to try on the Ecco Nouvelle boots today but the local store didn't have them in, so I'll either have to order them or wait until they're in stock.

I also tried on a pair of chestnut brown Remonte booties this afternoon (first find. also comes in black -- second find). The slightly lower shaft actually seemed to be a bit more flattering on my leg than the shaft of the Blundstones. These aren't quite as comfortable though -- they would likely be okay as an office shoe or for shorter outings rather than all day jaunts. Price is almost half of what the Blundstones will set me back...

And there's the rub -- I used to legitimately need a variety of footwear that was basically for the office only. Now that I'm only in the office a couple of days a week (and who knows for how much longer) how many such shoes can I justify?

I already have three pairs of shoes that are pretty much "office only" -- cream oxfords, burgundy oxfords and a black patent loafer. I also have white, bronze and toffee sneakers.

I'm still tempted to bring the Remontes home for a bit more evaluation, but I am coming to realize that the most pressing need is for a comfortable, casual boot.

Despite my lack of success with other brands, I know Blundstones are a viable option, and I could opt for one of several colours -- Oat, camel (haven't seen it IRL yet), antique brown, or burgundy could all probably prove useful in my casual life with some possible crossover the the office. But which?

Oat? Maybe. I have a lightweight cream puffer, and lots of scarves with cream in the pattern. Would work with most colours. I'd probably need to buy a cream purse.

Burgundy? Maybe. I have a light burgundy puffer and several fall weight scarves with burgundy in them.

Antique brown or camel? I currently carry a cognac brown crossbody bag that would coordinate with either of these brown tones. I have lots of fall scarves with brown in them. Would work better than burgundy with my green sweaters. I could also opt for the cognac colour in the dress boot style, so really three brown options.

Decisions, decisions.... I'll think about it tomorrow....

OK. Have just gone back and forth over this thread and all the Finds.
My honest opinion? Get whichever of the 3 brown Blundstone options co-ordinates best with your cognac bag. You already have black, burgundy and cream covered in your non-boot shoes for the office. You are not sure that the Oat Blundstones are “the one”. You fit Blundstone and find them comfortable. It will be close to the “one boot to rule them all” then you can build more of your wardrobe to go with that boot, and you can always get a second boot later once you know you have a really good initial option sorted.
I know you are rebuilding your wardrobe after weight loss. Do you have a vague idea on a piece count you want? I see many on the forum with smaller wardrobes ( Jenn, Carla) have around 100 pieces and many others have around 150 pieces ( myself, Suz) and many others have more. Anchie has a very specific number with detailed spreadsheets. Just thought if you had an idea on where you fit in the spectrum of wardrobe size it may help guide your shopping.

Thanks, Jenni. Good question about piece count. The short answer is that I have no idea. It might be time to take an inventory and cull pieces I don't expect to wear again. I really don't NEED a huge wardrobe when it comes right down to it. And I hold onto way too much stuff.

Where are those Remonte boots from ?

I brought home the Ecco Nouvelles for further consideration yesterday.

Pros: comfy, fit well at first try on (mostly for me that’s enough room in the toe box) worn with thin Darn Tough wool sock, love the shaft height (goldilocks not too high - I’m a hard fit on calves - and not too short - looked good with slim - jeans, leggings - and cropped wide - jeans/pants).

Cons: only one - leather does not look as luxe as it seemed online. I think this might be a function of it having been treated to be water resistant which is actually a pro.

Lisa, the Remonte boots are at Quarks.

Kerry, thanks for the positive report n the boots! It sounds like they tick a lot of boxes. What colour did you choose?

Kerry, that is definitely true about the Eccos. I have a different water treated boot from last year and found the leather looks a bit --- hmmm, not as leathery? BUT on the positive side I can tell you that my boots, at least, were 100% water proof. Even around the elastic, at first -- which astonished me. I wore them in some very deep water during our flood periods and they acted as rain boots for me. They were also lined and quite warm. A very casual boot but a necessary type of boot for my lifestyle -- I wore them for walks every single day for at least 6 months, and sometimes wore them for other parts of the day as well. I think they are toast after a year of very very hard wear but really only on the inside, not the outside -- it still looks ok, more or less.

Update: considered several other boots because Eccos are spendy.

Tried and returned a pair of Geox (too tight in the toe box). Tried and considered a cheapy pair of faux leather from DSW that came in a wide. Ultimately decided the footbed wasn’t comfy enough (very roomy though - too roomy - would size down if decided to keep).

I think I’ve chosen a winner. The Josef Seibels aren’t exactly the look I wanted. But as you said comfort issues really limit the choices. I like that they have a zipper, have a slightly taller shaft, and sit close on the leg. They are comfortable with some arch support and a pretty roomy toe box.

Thanks for the update, Kerry! So glad you’ve found your winners.

I just picked up a pair of Ecco boots I ordered online, but I’m not sure yet if they’re keepers. As you say, very spend so they have to be right.

The good: the shaft is high and they are a fairly neutral shade of brown. I think they are a decent bookend for the remaining brown in my hair. The fit isn’t terrible. But I’m not sure yet if it’s almost $300 worth of walk-all day fabulous.

The iffy: evaluating the shape and overall fit. The last might be too straight. And I haven’t fully wrapped my head around the sole.

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Those boots are a great colour!

I agree they need to be walk all day fabulous! I did find the nouvelle footbed comfortable. Not quite as roomy as the Josef Seibels I ended up with but still good.

Love the look of the higher shaft chelsea here. I guess wearing them around the house with a good weight sock will help you see if the leather will give around the foot. I find buying footwear so high stakes as it’s easy to make a mistake! Good luck!

How about these waterproof babies:

Can I toss in an opinion on the Eccos? Why are they collapsing around the ankle ? Does that feel ok?

Those are really pretty, Angie! Thanks for the suggestion. This colour doesn't seem to be available in Canada, but there is a dark taupe suede I could try locally, but only in a medium width. It's probably a good idea to at least see what the fit is like.

My hopes for a higher shaft seem to be dwindling...

My next options might be to look into the Josef Seibels Kerry had luck with (in the light colour) or forget about the higher shaft and go with another tried and true Blundstone.

If I don't find a solution fairly soon, I might just defer the whole project until next year.

(Oat Blundstone below plus another new Ecco boot that caught my eye as a nice ruggedly casual boot.)

I love the light blunstones with the monochromatic goring: very cool, and they seem to be in your style.

What happened to your sour yellow combats from last year? Those were really great.

Have you tried these Sam Edelman pull ons? Lost of color ways, very stompy, and waterproof.

(Sorry if you answered these upthread: I haven't caught up.)

Thanks, Notsaf -- I haven't tried the Sam Edlemans but my gut tells me they would be too narrow for me. It's taunting because I really like the look of the boot and the colour you posted is really lovely...

PS, I love the colour but the yellow Docs feel gigantic on my feet. I wore them a couple of times last fall, but I always feel like I am going to trip all over myself, so have never settled into making them the workhorse I had hoped for. Maybe I should have kept the smaller size instead of sizing up, but after a couple of hours of indoor wear I could feel my toe bumping and figured that wasn't good.

Lisa -- missed your comment earlier. Yeah, they're cut a bit oddly. I suppose that's the 'style' and part of what I'm wrestling with. I love the height of the shaft but am unsure of both fit and the overall shape. Maybe it's a matter of my eye adjusting to this style. Maybe it simply won't adjust. (can you tell I desperately want them to work for the shaft height alone?!)

Carol, I’ve probably said this before, but persevere with the yellow Docs! I am all but convinced that those heavy English-style boots run large for a reason, but first you have to break them in. What you are describing is almost exactly what happened with my George Cox creepers. Boot socks and insoles are your friends. Stick with them!

Maybe not in Canada, but they do the Laguna boots in a wide in some colors!

I have them in the colorway I posted. I find the square toe a little long for my foot (which is pretty normal with a high arch): maybe I should have sized down, but otherwise they're a really nice boot. That said, I have and love my original Blundstones. There's just no matching them for comfort and stability!

I have some Sam Edelmans and feel like they are on the wider side. They're tall Chelseas. I'm not crazy about the Eccos and I love Eccos in general. Can't quite put my finger on it but I much prefer a less muddy color for you.

Thanks for the encouragement in the Docs, Approprio. I hope you are right!!! I’m working on wearing some of my lesser worn pieces this fall and I will commit to try to work them into an outfit this week.

Notsaf, I will keep my eye out for a chance to try the lagunas to satisfy my curiosity. It is certainly an attractive boot!

Kelly, good to hear they might lean a bit wide. I am slowly figuring out that I need width and some shapes or lasts, I guess, are better for my foot than others. Kissing so many frogs. :-/

The Ecco boots are going back today. If they felt great on my foot my eye might sweeten toward the way they look. But they don't feel great.

We were treated to our first snow flurries of the season the other day and I have a feeling true winter boot season will soon be on us.

I have enough indoor shoes to meet my office needs through the winter, so I think I will let this rest for a bit.

If I can stomach it I might search for a new pair of warm winter boots with good traction for winter walks.

Carol, thank you for starting this thread! I was thinking on Angie's post about wardrobe holes, I really should replace my black boots so I have started the search as well.

Sorry to hear that the Ecco boots did not feel great, any particular reason (too tight / stiff / ?)

Minaminu -- Good luck with your search! The footbed on the Eccos was not the right shape for my foot and I could tell I was not going to be happy walking in them.

I have had luck with Ecco Soft 7s and Ecco Sartorelle oxfords, but this one not so much...