Delurked just posted a comment over at Barbara Diane's review -- -- that got me thinking:

"I find I receive the most compliments when I wear statement shoes or handbags. Sometimes just a bold color makes a statement, which I like."

I recently bought and started wearing a polka-dotted dress that has received lots of compliments this summer for the same reason: it's a little more noticeable than what I usually wear.

As a younger woman in a casual/creative professional setting, I think I have spent the last decade or so dressing to *avoid* compliments. Walking into a meeting to have the first thing said to me be "Oh, I like you top!" is not the kind of impression I have wanted to make.

Now that I'm a little older with more job security, I think I'm starting to mellow a bit, and am allowing myself (again) to explore more interesting fashion (as I did in my early 20's), dressing in ways that might call attention to themselves or even make a statement (hence my presence here at YLF!).

I'd be really interested to hear thoughts from other women on the forum. How do you feel about receiving compliments IRL: do you seek them out, avoid them, or have a more complicated relationship with being seen as fashionable?