Hi all

We are out of lockdown now. (Yay!) I had lunch again with my mum. I wore a couple of new items.

The first is a pair of burgundy boots. I’ve been looking for burgundy stompy boots for a while. These were on deep discount. They lean a bit aubergine and make a nice complement with my See by Chloe bag. (The hardware doesn’t match, but I don’t stress about that.)

The second is a floral midaxi skirt. It will be a good Spring/Summer skirt for me because it’s quite long (better for sun protection) and machine washable.

After seeing my outfit my mum told me she had recently seen the movie “Anna”, which is about a Russian assassin. She told me the heroine in the movie wears “kick butt boots” with skirts and dresses “like you”. I haven’t seen the movie, so I don’t know about the wardrobe comparison. What surprised me was: (1) my mum watching movies about Russian assassins (for context, her favourite TV show is Downton Abbey) (2) my mum using the expression “kick butt boots”. (I did not teach it to her.)

Anyhow, we watched “The Heiress”, which is much more mum-appropriate. It’s a period drama. There were no stompy boots in evidence but rest assured the heroine still managed to kick some butt in the end.

Your thoughts welcome