Really great boots, Brooklyn, and they look perfect for your style and your wardrobe. I'll never forget the first - and only - time my mother said sh*T - I nearly died ( I would have been about 15) . I think she did too

Lol re mum appropriate! Fabulous boots!

Well my thoughts are that you might want to reassess what is Mom appropriate or not - sounds like she is branching out! And that you look absolutely fabulous. Love the boots and skirt and entire outfit!

The boots are beautiful and look perfect with the skirt and bag! Yay for being out of lockdown!

Thanks everyone. I will definitely have to reassess what is mum appropriate. She is a dark horse.

Janet, go for it! The skirt is long. More midaxi or maxi than midi. It would work with a tee or long sleeve sweater too.

Roxanna and nuancedream, mum and I are honoured!

Ohmygawd I live this outfit! Your color-mixing is on a level I can’t begin to wrap my head around, and your proportions are always spot-on. Those boots are so perfect!

I think you’ve reached a point in your relationship where your mom doesn’t just see you as her beloved kid, but also as a friend that doesn’t require a mom-filter.

Those boots are all kinds of amazing, and so is your entire outfit (as always).
I'm also really loving reading about your outings with your Mum. "Russian assassins" LOL, loooove it!!--))))