New items in Finds - remixed with old items. All authentic #OsOTD. Seattle has had freak gorgeous weather. Sublime. 

#1 to 3 - Altered Scotch & Soda pants that now fit custom-made. Beautiful fabric and detailing. Good business casual outfit that I wore in Winter with coat and bag. 

#4/5/14 - Spring Biz Casual look to go shopping ALL DAY with clients. Been off classic silk blouses for yonks - but this one I loved. Gorgeous fabric and quality. Unusual for me to wear a blouse out - I'm a tucker - but that's what the outfit wanted to do. I wear sparkly party shoes year round, because why not!

#6 to 9 - SUCH an easy, comfy and flattering dress. Machine-Washable. Does not crease. Party at the back with a V-neck. Excellent in motion, and fab swoosh-factor. Great with a denim jacket - and maybe a new utility chore jacket? Am thinking of the next colour.... 

# 10 - Ink blue sweater polo. I'm in love. Looks good with almost anthing. Gorgeous fabric. Not styled here. Just showing a client. 

#11 - 13 - I'm wearing this right now. Dress over skinny jeans - NOT leggings. Nothing new. 

What I'm feeling:

  • Lots of colour
  • Pattern
  • High contrast
  • Some classics
  • Outfits that are pretty, soft, retro and crisp 
  • VERY into my pointy toe ballet flats at the moment
  • Dresses must have length and sleeves, and swoosh with movement. No sheaths and no sleeveless. If I can't pirouette in them, then no thank you. 
  • Growing the right side of the hair to a layered bob, so that will take a while. Left side and back leaving very short. 
    And now you're up to date with less than fab pics, but you have a visual

    ETA * order all mixed up - put in wrong photo. Added right one at the end. Whoopsie daisy.