Wow-wow-wow, a feast to my eyes!:-) You always look so gorgeous in brights-particulary love the blue dress( anew color for you isn't it?) love the hair and specs, too!!

Ooh love the new one
Wonder if Boden will ever make that dress in Conker, in a sleeveless version....

I'm swooning! The sporty elegance of one and the gorgeous, flowy blue dress are my faves. Of course, the color combinations of the red/citron are amazing too. You have THE BEST style on the planet. Love these. I may have to try that dress after all. LOVE!

You look stunning and so much fun too - I love these outfits and need a citron bag. My best friend had a cut like yours in high school. Her hair was dead straight, so sat perfectly like a Vidal Sassoon cut - short on one side sweeping around into a chin length bob on the other. Such a great look.

I must say you have such a good sense of fashion and trend. Looking beautiful and vibrant

Thanks for sharing your spring looks. My favorite is the dark floral dress, though I would have to skip the long pants/leggings underneath. YLF!

Gorgeous one and all! The ink blue polo is my favorite - simply fab!

Thanks for the kind compliments, ladies. You make me laugh and blush. So gracious

Sorry I can't reply individually - I'm rushing off to the airport this morning.

Lisa P and Jussie, the jacket is more of a coral (although darker than the Find below). Spring tweed, old, a classic, and from AT about four years ago.

You are glowing! I hope your spring weather stays nice, since the result is that your outfits are extra fab

Lovely as always, Angie. Your outfits are always so bright and happy.

Wow, I love every outfit, but my favorite by far is the blouse with the red pants, coral jacket, and sparkly shoes (of course I was going to like more the outfit with sparkly shoes). I want to steal that complete outfit (not that it will fit me) but I could look at it the whole day and it would make me smile.

Are those *glitter* shoes?! Way to show us how it's done!

Gorgeous! Love the first and last the best!

You can tell that you love that blue dress,you look like you are about to pirouette across the floor.!Fabulously colourful outfits,suit you down to the ground.

What a treat! A whole treasure trove of Angie outfits. Of course the SS pants are my favorite. I’m so happy that The tuxedo stripe trend seems to be going strong.

I like the blouse outfit best.
But for me, I like the polo!

The Scotch & Soda pants are a triumph, as are all the colors. Very inspirational and aspirational!

Love, love , love how you stick to your color pallet and the colors love you back. This is an important lesson for the rest of us and older items are more likely to work with new ones. My favorite outfit is the watermelon shirt and pants.

Lovely outfits! I especially like the first one - something about the high contrast and clean lines. I was just thinking yesterday that I should look for pointy toe flats and now I see these photos and I'm especially craving a pair.

Love love love! All those pretty colors make me smile.

Bold colours, wow!!

Can't wait for more future updates on the hair grow-out. I love asymmetrical bobs. My last pixie is pretty much fully grown out now, and I've been contemplating chopping one side and leaving the other long.

I'd also be curious to know how you keep your hair out of your face during yoga and such. Do you use clips or headbands at all, or does it stay put on its own?

The judges... They like

Loving the brights! I think you do fabulously well at dressing for early spring. The dress is my fave!

Angie, even your neutral outfits look bright and fresh! You must be so happy to finally have some spring weather!

Gorgeous on you, Angie -- each and every one. I think my favourite is the dress -- it is stunning. Now I want one. But I swore off blue..... yet that blue is summer's best....oh no!!

And what vibrant reds! The silk blouse is just lovely on you, of course. I also love the new trousers with the stripe. Fantastic fit.

ENJOY!!! You must be turning heads!

Love everything! Angie, you are the fabbest of the fab!

Love the color fest! All the outfits look amazing, but you know which is my favorite ......the Red outfit!! And although I personally have poison eye for dresses with pants you pull it off smashingly. Really like that floral dress and the whole getup.