Also - I love your going out outfit, Lisa. The fully finished cutouts make all difference. Makes me think I need a top like that for quick and casual nights out! The pairing with released hem jeans and cut out booties is what makes it edgy and very you - i need to think about How I do that with basic items to make it more my style.

oh thank you for a good chuckle!! I've done similar things

Wherever that lovely top comes from - you look gorgeous in it!

You are too funny! Rant away!

I've had mostly good luck with BR with several things that have worked really well in the last year. Below are a few but I have 2 tops in particular- one a navy tweed and another an interesting Asian floral design, both in a somewhat cropped length- that I wear a lot because I love them with flared jeans.

I seem to buy more online than in the store.

Sounds like something I would do. I haven't found anything at BR for many years but DH found two polo shirts last week.

I used to shop at BR more often. Especially, because they have a petite selection. I don't mind black and grey colors, I love them, in fact and also, like slightly oversized, boxy style. So, what's my issue? In my opinion, quality has slipped. I loved BR cotton/silk sweaters and cardigans. Simple and classic. Alas, no more. I bought a suite, navy one like Sveta's and similar black pair pants, tropical wool and lined. Wore both this winter and appreciated. In January bought two merino v-neck sweaters, in black and grey. Like them so far. Some of their cotton button-down shirts are nice.

Oh Lisa, that's too funny!

I should add... I rarely rarely have any interest in trying things on in the store. And we have a decent store. I find it much easier to browse online, often nothing appeals, but I tend to try the things that do. Much of it goes back, but their shipping/return (and the fact it's super easy for me to get to the store to return) makes it worth sorting through it all for me.

I also realized after seeing others post, that I didn't go back far enough in my finds. I also enjoy all these, from last spring/summer. And this doesn't show the few pieces I have that I don't wear a lot. Or haven't worn yet, like the crop jeans.

And I had to ask to be a "preferred customer!" Yeesh

I get my husband some pretty nice things from BR - pants, t-shirts, dress shirts , socks etc.

Susie - you're the second or third one here who had success with the burgundy layered silk top!

merwoman - Club Monaco

Lisa, I've just barely joined YLF but I loved this thread and your update. So funny. Love the top.

Lisa, when I saw your picture, I thought "Ha, I remember trying a top like that in Club Monaco. How I missed it in BR?" Funny!

ok Elizabeth , now you're just showing off

Too funny! Well regardless, it's a lovely top. CM is always on my radar for interesting pieces.

I have quite a bit of BR in my closet.....partly because of the availability of petites and partly because I find things there. Yes, my buying dropped off markedly over the last year or so. It had to do with poor fit and quality and styles that didn't work on me. I do find that things are turning around and I've been filling up my wish list again.

My Finds are spotty and incomplete but I did pull up my Marimekko Kivet print shorts that I adore. They are a summer favourite.
I also have the black drapey vest that you and kkards regret buying. I've actually found it to be a great "third piece". I've worn it with everything from those black/white printed shorts, over a black tee or sweater with skinny jeans, and with printed Sloan Pants. It works for all 4 seasons. It washes well. Hand wash cycle with Eucalan, one minute in the dryer then onto a hanger where I tug and smooth it out. Very minimal if any ironing required when done like this.
I did remove the shoulder tabs (they accentuated my already broad IT shoulders) and I tacked down the back flap in the middle to make it a bit sleeker.

It's so interesting to see capsules by store -- and to see how one store can work so differently for different people. Lisap: when did you get so smart???

I love the black top you are wearing, and I am really amazed by how many people have such a wealth of different BR wardrobes from this year alone. It's quite impressive.

I think this grey blazer is the only BR thing that has really worked for me in the past year. I did buy this sweater in hot pink but have worn it only once -- yet another impulse travel buy that was a fail. I will probably consign it next fall unless I decide to wear it more often.

I know I'm late, but i have to defend BR a bit. I would not be able to shop there exclusively, but I do have some items I get a lot of wear out of right now - mostly tops (Angie copycats) because I seem to be between fits in their pants right now.
I have some older suiting items that have worn well and stood the test of time. As a woman of a particular age dressing business casual (my version is suit separates most days) it's a decent source for items that last more than one season and still appeal to a bit of trendy fashion. I prefer them to Ann Taylor which I would consider similar in price point. Ann Taylor has draconian return policies which contributes to my distaste for them.

Oh and I'm basically sized out of Club Monaco so I avoid them because it's torture if I see something I like to know it won't fit.

Nice top Lisa even if it is not from BR. Hope you had fun. I have never had any luck at BR. Zero BR in my closet. I am still in mourning over Jacob and Mexx. Now I am wondering what do I have in my closet?
If I go out for a glass of wine (oh I wish because I had to stop drinking wine - wine gives me migranes) I wear jeans, Sarah Pacini long sleeved T shirt (olive green) and brown leather jacket.

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oh dear - wine causing or contributing to migraines is all too common, isn't it? have you gone the organic wine route?

I'd like to find Sarah Pacini's clothes somewhere near me .....

shiny - similar to what? you've lost me - oh oops , I see . The image doesn't load , but I'm guessing it's a similar top to my CM one ?

How did I miss the updates to this thread?

Hilarious. CM not BR!!! Figures.

Well, I have a lot of BR in my closet for exactly the reason Sveta does. I can get it online and easily return it. BR is for "essentials" (mostly), J. Crew is for knits and occasional jeans, and Zara is for trend fix and other retailers (Club Monaco, Nordstrom, Reiss, etc.) are for quality in my world. Here are my purchases for the past few seasons (fall 2014/ fall 2015/ spring 2016 -- so far).