It's little because I edit my wardrobe until the cows come home. I'm a bit edit-happy. Don't show me a closet in my spare time because all I'll want to do is edit and organize the contents - and enjoy it!

I've only ever regretted editing a few things that I wish I still had. Those are some of my late Mum's special pieces from the '60s and '70s that I probably would have worn today.

Sooooo, I had another look at my knitwear and jeans capsules. Tried all the items on, and this is on its way out:

Knitwear: Will preface by saying all three items are in immaculate condition, and fit very well. ZERO pilling and stretching out.

  • J.Crew Peach cashmere tee: 2 years old. Done with peach.
  • Vince Chunky Navy T-Neck; Sooooo done with those grey sleeves. This item is 8 years old and looks new. Back in the day when Vince made the best knitwear.....
  • Boden Oatmeal Crew Neck: My first Boden item. 8 years old. GORGEOUS cashmere. But it looks dated for my style. Too long, when everything I'm wearing is shorter these days to go with showcased high rises and flats.

Would demote these pullovers to camping - but I choose not to camp


  • G-Star Skinnies: 4 years old. Too low rise (dated)
  • Rag & Bone Cropped Straights: 3 years old. Wash has faded too much for my liking.
  • Love Story Jeans: 6 years old. HOLDING ZONE. I love these jeans but the rise is too low to feel current, which is noticeable because I like to tuck my tops. Greg loves them so I can't pass them on completely just yet.

I need a jeans update. I like to wear trendy jeans because they're wardrobe essentials. After finding new trendy jeans that I LOVE - see thread - THAT's the vibe I want to duplicate.

But the jeans I want at the moment are pricier than I usually buy - (I wear a mix of premium and non-premium denim). I need to think about how I want to prioritize. Keep you posted.