I had the same peach cashmere -- the color was working for me but I spilled tea on it last year and couldn't get the stain out, so it's been gone for a while.

I've been working on jeans edits, too, trying to wean myself away from skinny jeans. As I noted to Janet in another post, this is the first year I'm really starting to feel that skinnies aren't so current -- even though that's such a high percentage of what's still available and they are most practical for my winter climate.

I tried a whole round of front slit boot cuts, and then found that they were all way too long to work with ... hemming off four inches or so was going to change the shape or the slit too much. So they all went back.

Next round, I have found a pair of Grlfnd split hem (inner ankle) bootcuts and a pair of black Veronica Beard bootcuts that I think will work better -- because I was much more careful reading the inseam lengths on this round and choosing those that were already shorter.

Glad this was helpful ladies, and thanks for the kind words - and chuckles too.

Sounds like I'll have company on my trendy jeans update. FUN, and I'm looking forward to it

Lisa p, I WISH items were less pricey in Canada for all of you. It's such rotten luck. I hear you on missing your jeans, and I think I would too. And black jeans aren't a solution either. (No need to apologize at all! It's all good and your comments here are fab).

Thanks for sharing your little but mighty edit, it’s immensely helpful. And you have an open invitation to go all edit-happy in my closet any time you’re in the Chicago area!

Those jeans though! I’ll be looking to add a new pair soon and need to start trying the new styles to see how they work on me.