I think it happened again: I feel uninspired dressing in the mornings! I even tried to use inspiration pictures from my Pinterest last week and look at the dismal results!
I almost decided to skip posting WIW from the last week because I felt they were so 'meh' but then decided to do it anyway just to be honest.

pic 1- I liked that Polyvore on black and cognac and decided to give it a try. It may not have been a total disaster but I liked my outfit much less than the inspiration. Maybe it is because the blazer is not cognac but rather camel and it is not a strong enough color for black?

pic 2 - My inspiration was a silhouette rather than color palette in this case and I don't think it works as well as on Karla. Maybe because her trousers are higher waisted and wider-legged? Or maybe because I can never achieve that " no shoe: effect in my trousers because I have big feet and don't wear sky high heels so quite a bit of my shoes is visible even though my trousers are perfectly PPL?

pic 3 - if the first 2 outfits just did not feel as fab as I thought they would this one was a total disaster. I cannot believe I left house like this! Funny thing is that I tried this one on a night before and liked it but it looks awful in pictures! I really have hard time to wear this cropped blazer now, even with dresses. I thought it looks similar to the one in my inspiration picture but now I can see that length is very different. Mine is really cropped above my waist and I think it just looks silly on me. I think I will give it a couple of more tries with dresses and skirts and if it still does not feel fab we would need to part the ways. It was was my first NAS purchase...maybe a mistake? I am also not sure about black shooties here, they may be another reason I feel "off'...

pic 4 is from today. No inspiration, just wanted to wear my black riding boots because of the weather and the rest followed. I am wearing black leggings with this dress - it is way too short for tights. Again - maybe not a complete disaster but I did not feel that fab.

Now what is going on with me? Maybe I got out of practice over the holidays, which I spent mostly at home in casual clothes? Or is it deeper than this and I really have a style crisis?
Sorry, I did not mean to whine Any thoughts, observations and insights are very much appreciated!

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