I have been mulling over this post for a long time and it keeps changing...
So the situation is this. I have spent $150 of my clothing budget, this year, plus about $200 in vouchers. I have bought nearly everything on my list.*
When I set aside money for summer (2 pair of sandals and one fitted tee) and a new bra, I'm still left with about $100 at the very least (that's if I take the lowest possible estimate of my budget).

I don't have to spend it, of course. But keep in mind I'm an underbuyer in general - my default is NOT to buy.
Some options

  • upgrade my basic leggings and long sleeve black tee collection at somewhere better than Kmart
  • See if I can find a long sleeve casual dress in a lighter colour in spring
  • Use it on getting foils in my hair and my eyebrows done (this doesn't usually come out of my clothing budget, so I could get it done in addition to the above)
  • look for a long sleeve patterned blouse for work in pink or blue
Would love to hear your thoughts on these options, and any other suggestions.

I do realise this question is harder to answer for those who don't know me, so feel free to skip it or to ask explanatory questions.

*Bought so far
Knickers and stockings
Shoe polish
Zara white knit top
Black booties
Pink running top
Blue hoodie (for lounging)
Blue jumper (sweater)
Silver sneakers
Blue skinnies
2 striped 3/4 sleeve tees