Hmm. Good question. I'd say leggings that are pants are 'jeggings.' I think leggings aren't pants, more footless stockings. Unless they're gear leggings for working out or something...

Stockings is another word for socks, and can include really long ones that go over the knee to attach to a garter belt (or be held up by garters). They are much thinner material than leggings.

Hi everyone! I've taken forever to get back to you as I've been unusually busy but I'm finally here, courtesy of rain postponing my kids cross country and thus some free time!
As I said before I really appreciate your responses, which I think I can categorize, broadly, into 3 main options
1. Save the money for unexpected expenses
2. buy the black tee and leggings
3. buy something fun (maybe the dress)

These all have their appeal!
Option 1 has already SINCE I started the thread, come in play. My blue sweater (jumper) that I bought this year got a foundation stain on it. If I'm not successful getting it out (first, second and third attempt weren't) then I'll consider either buying it again or getting a better quality one in the same colour

Option 2 - also very appealing. I haven't refreshed my black tee for nearly 3 years ( I think) and the ones I bought 10 years ago, which did last better than the new ones, are finally wearing out. I was really please Deborah gave some suggestions for these, as I was thinking of starting a thread for that and I might not need to now.

Option 3 - has obvious appeal, but much harder to do.

I'll respond more to your individual points (if they include other things than the above) in a following reply.

Beth Ann - I used your reasoning to buy the new blue skinnies. Apart from the leggings and tee (and the summer sandals) I 'm not sure I can identify anything else that's in it's last 20% or wear, although that may well be because my standards aren't high enough!

Jane fashion wise you are probably right - ie - go out of my comfort zone. Right isn't easy though!


really makes your heart sing? Or do clothes not do that for you?

Umm, not that much. Of course I am interested in fashion and style, or I wouldn't be here, but I don't think I am as visual as most people on YLF. A lot of times my response to clothes is way less rapturous than people here, and not just because I'm Australian and we tend to be less effusive.

And while I'm a committed Christian and have extensively thought through how it intersects with fashion, and it does affects my budget. I know many other women (including some on YLF) who share my commitment and yet are much more visual and sensitive to beauty and creating it, so I don't think that's in itself a factor.

That said, I do give myself permission to buy something that really does "sing" - partly in recognition that it doesn't happen to me very often. I'd say 2 garments in the last 4 years. I need more clothes than that! More clothes than that appeal to me in the abstract though, but they tend to disappoint when I try them on (case in point pleated skirts - I keep trying them on, but I haven't found one that is flattering yet)

Lucy you are right that there's a bit of a disconnect with my WIWs and my list, thought I do wear the sneakers, the jeans  and the blue jumper to church (and probably will wear the striped tops in spring)

But I haven't shown the rest because I haven't posted gear or lounging pics much.  In explanation, this was a low spending year for me. I was pretty happy with my wardrobe, and had spent a fair bit last year, so I was mostly enjoying what I had, apart from a few necessary replacements, or items  that I had wanted to buy last year and didn't .

Khards I don't remember that post - I must look it up. Anyway never fear, I bought TWO pairs of running shoes last year - on physio advice. That's the main reason I went over budget last year!

Unfrumped, I am kind of feeling prints. I am intrigued you called my style "modern classic". In 10 years of YLF I haven't ever found a style descriptor, but I think that would be close actually.

Fashiontern it isn't hard for me to go to Kmart and pick up a pair of $9 leggings. But I like the idea of high quality and I'm going to follow up Deb's suggestions for them. I had some Brian Rochford ones in the 90's that lasted for ages. You are right that by keeping up with sales I could buy higher quality for a lower cost.

Suz  (and Vix too) You guys know me! I like your advice.
 Picking that one outfit that's fashion forward is difficult for me though. I thought this winter it was going to be cropped jeans and a top to go with it, but I chickened out! I really should examine the trends this northern hemisphere winter and be ready for next Australian winter.

Barbara Diane Nobody is going hungry I hasten to assure you. And we do end up doing top up shops most weeks. I meal plan and have backups in the pantry. But I don't run to the shops just because I'm short on one ingredient if I can substitute something, we do occasionally use tissues instead of loo paper, and the kids might have to go easy on the milk for one day a week. I've been getting my groceries delivered recently, and while I love the not shopping part, it does lock you into a time frame (you have to order by a certain time, and nominate a 3 hour period when you'll be home)

Sal I'm not talking exercise leggings here, just ones to wear with tunics etc.  On the sunglasses front, I was so glad the other day that DD found mine after they'd been missing a month. I can only get them once a year because they are prescription, and I've had an appalling track record of losing/ breaking them (maybe they got stolen once) I won't be going high budget for them, but the bag idea is one I've been pondering for the future.

Thank you for replying so thoughtfully to everyone! I'm glad that you haven't got that "Protestant guilt" that seemed to plague me and lost me my joy in life for a while. And I agree there are other committed Christians on YLF, and also that Aussies and Kiwis in general may not show as much enthusiasm culturally as those in the US. It just seems a shame that, since you do like fashion enough to be on a fashion forum, that you can't find clothing items that do give you that joy? Surely there must be some out there? x

Chiming in after months away from YLF...
Anne, I like Deborah's suggestions for upgrading leggings and tees. I have found Birdsnest a very handy online shop and they stock Vigorella.

My other thoughts for you were to roll the money over for shoes when needed (unless you like the Planet shoes sale right now!)
Or think about new togs / swimwear for summer.
Or if you've really enjoyed your silver sneakers, get a back up pair now. I've just replaced mine, they were inexpensive so haven't lasted long.

Hope you can get that stain out of your favourite jumper.

Thank Jenni and Helen. I have more to say, but laptop is not working!

For your stained blue jumper--if OxyClean is sold where you are, I recommend a several-day soak in it. My sister and I sell vintage textiles, and we've found just about anything will come out if you're willing to soak long enough.

What a great position to be in! Is there something that you wear all the time and want to upgrade? For me that would be jeans

as I'm very centered on how often will I use it affecting how much I will spend. When I first switched over to premium denim it was tough to fork over the higher price tag. But now I see how much cost per wear I get out of them and I don't mind the higher price anymore. If there is something you'd like to upgrade this is an opportunity to do so. Or you can use it to buy say a new bag of other accessory instead of clothes. Or, the final option is to save the money until you really need to buy something (ie a coveted item suddenly gets stained or shrinks and needs immediate replacing). Good luck with your decision!

Jenni I'm basically pretty happy and content with my wardrobe! I know it is, by and large, flattering to my body shape, in good colours for me, about the size I want it and appropriate to my activities. Maybe that's in fact a quiet sort of "sparking joy".

Helen11 - great to hear from you (done any more parkruns?) Thanks for the birdsnest recommendation. You're right that the silver sneakers are likely not to last (and come to think of it, they were an impulse buy, so maybe they are a "heart singing" purchase). My girls don't like me wearing them though, as they are so conspicious and invite comment. So maybe a matte version would be better than an outright duplication of my shiny ones.

LauraG - would Oxyclean be ok for knits?

Lisa thanks. I did think about upgrading jeans this year and then chickened out and replaced mine with a $20 pair from Kmart! I understand the theory behind what you are saying though. I expect those jeans to give me at least 2 years of wearing 1-2 times a week for 6 months though.

I use OxyClean on everything--silk, knits, 100-year-old lace. There may be something it's not safe for (check the label) but I haven't come across it.