I unexpectedly needed a blue jeans refresh for Fall & Winter - capsule was not looking sufficiently trendy. (Jeans are not the component of my style that I keep classic). 


Need higher rises, button flies, UNIFORM washes, and different silhouettes. Tucking, semi-tucking and short tops are key. Must be able to wear comfortable flat shoes, warm socks, and feel fab. 

Here is the first update. LOVE!

1. High Rise Cropped Carpenter Jeans 

Ordered five more pairs and kept two pairs:

2.  High Rise Levis Wedgie Jeans in VERY light blue for my light blue capsule (perfect match with my bag). Have tried the Wedgie before - not comfy on the crotch point - but this one fits very comfortably. LOVE the '80s vibe. Sized up a size. 

3. High Rise Cig Jeans with GOLD HARDWARE! More avant-garde than trendy because the silhouette is beyond trends (much like my infamous jodhpur jeans). I love their glitz and dressiness - ('80s Versace) - and they can take me to a holiday party too. Decided to wear mine tighter than the model and sized down. I'm feeling curvy for a change

Very lucky with fits. Excellent lengths. No alterations needed. All jeans work with my 20,000 step booties so suit my urban walking lifestyle. On trend and practical. 

My denim update is COMPLETE, but my denim edit is not. I will pass on more than three pairs of jeans soon. Stay tuned. 

ETA: was going to add high rise bootcuts to wear with flats. That can wait till Spring.