WOW, WOW, fantastic, I am smitten. Those light blue jeans are terrific on you but the cig jeans with hardware are to die for.

the cigs are to die for. love them both and they look very good on you.

Gorgeous jeans, Angie. I love the Levis wedgie with the matchy bag. The jeans with gold hardware is so Versace. I love how they drape at the bottom. Great jeans capsule. I might check out the Levis wedgies.

Oh my goodness you look like a supermodel in those gold button jeans. Perfect for you. !

Life has changed for me and jeans now have a place in my wardrobe. I am following all of your jean posts with great interest.

ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE CIG JEANS ON YOU. I have never seen you looking better.

the button jeans are over the top maximal, or at least they are for me, i can totally see them working for you, giving your denim capsule a fashion foward push....
i try the wedgie in white earlier this year, and they did notthing for me, but WOW, they look great on you!

I love the second pair. Love the button bling!

Those jeans are fab on you!
I would love some similar ones but without the button fly as I have no patience for so many buttons.

I'm not a jeans person, but love to learn what's on trend, these are all fab fit and aesthetic!

These all look super!! I agree with you that Levi's Wedgie fit is hard to get right. Every wash is cut differently, which drives me batty, so I gave up on them. This uniform light blue wash is so pretty, especially with the matching bag and striped hoodie! I hope you'll post some outfit formulas with the blingy front-slit jeans. Those would be difficult for me to style...

I ADORE the cig jeans on you they are amazing - I am sure that whoever designed them, only hoped that they would be worn this way - everything is perfect about them.

The wedgie jean is also lovely and you have the perfect accompanying act. I am impressed at how quickly you achieved the mission to update your jeans capsule - the three new pairs add a wonderful variation to your great jeans capsule.

Both jeans look incredible on you and FOR PETE'S SAKE, the cig jeans are BEYOND FAB!! Those jeans are so you, I can hardly stand it. The photo has rocketed me out of Minnesota and into another dimension, and I don't think I'm coming back down for a good long time. Team 80s FTW.

That second pair seems like it will be fun to style. The light pair is such a good color with your bag.

WOW, ladies. I appreciate the awfully kind words. Thank you so much. You're all very gracious.

La Ped, YES. Those Levis Wedgie's are pesky. Quite the nuisance. Each wash fits differently. They run small or very small, is my general experience. The rises are all over the place too. I got lucky with this style.

Bijou, I'm surprised at how quickly it came together too. I'm almost done for the season.

Laura, my '80s Style Sister. We're in denim heaven this season. You need '80s jeans! And you crack me up

They all fit so well, but especially love the cig jeans-so fun!

WOW! Both pairs look AMAZING on you! The flashy pair is so fun. I also had to pass on my old pale blue jeans. This reignites my fire to find some great ones. I had nearly given up.

The gold buttoned jeans are SO perfect on you! Love the other ones too, but the dressiness of the buttons works so well.

Thanks, sweet ladies. You are all so lovely.

Suz, the fits of the Wedgies are different across the washes. You'll need to try a few, and across sizes. Wearing mine now. VERY comfy. I think you'll like them.

Must they call them wedgies though? Growing up, a wedgie was a thing to avoid!
To make this phone autocorrect thing to thong...smh

These are both stunning on you. The Levis are flawless, but the others are really just a very special piece, especially for you.

I've been yearning for a jeans silhouette update myself. Shopping for jeans outside the brands where I know they work for me and by curves and my bloating issues is kinda exhausting, though. Even for me, and I treat shopping like a sport.

So glad the Simkhais worked. They are Fantabulous.

Love the button jeans. I just got tempted by a gold button embellished pair, too, but different shape and color.

Were there some jeans that didn’t work out, Angie?
I am saturated with jeans, otherwise I’d try the wedgie jeans.

Oh WOW both look spectacular on you!!!! I love the shape and color of the light blue pair and the "gold

Versace" pair are TO DIE FOR!! Super unique and fun. I am sooooo excited for you I could jump up and down!! Thanks for sharing and enjoy the heck out of both of them!!!

Forgot to also say you should be the model for the

Simkhai pair as they look 1,000 times better on you than the model!!

Yay! They look wonderful!
Thanks for sharing.

Thanks so much, ladies. I feel SORTED with my jeans capsule.

Smittie, YES. I tried these jeans too, and did not like them:

  • Gave me a wedgie. Uncomfy on the crotch.
  • Too baggy
  • Too tight, although my clients LOVE them. Didn't like the wash for my style either. Too casual.

Dang girl! All of those jeans fit you perfectly!! And I love that Boden hoody. One of my clients is retiring and will live in her mountain home most of the winter--that would be a great addition for her. I agree with the other poster that said you should be a jeans model--love the sass you put into your poses!!

Dana, you are the loveliest lady. Thank you.

Wowzah on that Simkhai pair! The contrast stitching and buttons create some awesome lines - hope you'll share an outfit or two with us when you wear them!