Hi all! Not sure if anyone remembers me. I know I look new here. But I had to sign up for a new account. (Couldn't remember my password, and my old email address has since been deleted, so couldn't reset it either.) So still me, Keturah

I have been away from YLF for some time. I am now two years postpartum and have finally begun to feel like myself. I had a lot of healing to do from severe birth trauma, as well as postpartum depression and anxiety that was fairly severe and hung on for well, almost two years.

So anyway... working on a moniker. I feel like it could give me some direction and help me out. I had a terrific image consultant a few years ago but she has since discontinued her business and I am a little unsure of myself in this new season of life. So your feedback is most welcome!

For some reason, though I am a bohemian at heart forever, lately I've been feeling like I could use more color and maybe less bohemian feeling clothes? Demure Bombshell stuck out at it, but so did Color Drenched Bohemian Romantic. I would say lately Kim Novak has been speaking to me. She was so sensual, but her lines were womanly, soft yet polished. I've been very attracted too, to Christina Hendricks, Monica Belluci, and such. They all seem to have the bombshell look going. I feel I'm more artsy than that, but that look is really calling to me. It seems and feels more womanly to me. Soft and gorgeous, yet still very strong. My dilemma is it feels high maintenance. I have a two-year-old little boy and live in the mountains. Our mountain town streets are steep inclines, and barely paved in sections. High heels do not work right now.

SO.... anyone have any insights? I also thought of Bohemian Bombshell maybe. But is that too similar to Glamorous Bohemian?

Posting a couple of recent acquisitions, as well as a few inspiration photos too. Sorry for such a lengthy post!! I am so appreciative of you all and am happy to be back and joining you all again xo <3 <3 <3

Photo 1: ignore the braid, not the best photo of this. Bad hair day and needed something quick. But when I had styled it with butterscotch 1970s knee boots, and wore a mohair sweater over it (similar to photo 6), I got carded three times. So I feel it must be a good look on me.

Photo 2-3: same dress, only on model

Photo 4-5: Loveth this! Totally outside my usual choices with the small ruffles and very feminine, romantic vibe. But everyone compliments me when I wear it (and not just the dress, if that makes sense!)

Photos 6+: inspiration of late.

Pinterest style boards. Could all use a good thorough cleaning. But still very true to me. Thought these might help?

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