On the best of days, thinking about the state of my wardrobe is a pleasant respite for a Sunday afternoon. This isn't the best of days for anyone on the planet, I don't think, but I'm happy to still be able to dwell on a triviality that brings me regular doses of joy, Here are my thoughts for March.

1. Added a lot, but didn't shop a lot. As it turns out, I welcomed four new items to my wardrobe in March--the first month this year I added anything at all. With the exception of the sandals, they were all ordered from slow fashion retailers in January and February and arrived early in the month. I've talked about most of these items in other threads (sandals, dress, belt).

The raw silk "Alta top" from Only Child has been a fantastic addition. It is SO easy to wear with higher-waisted bottoms. I've attached a couple of photos (the second one is brightened significantly in an attempt to show the shape).

2. Column of black. Even before the Safer at Home order (as the lockdown is called in LA), I found myself gravitating towards wearing mostly black. For this to work for me, my black items have to be beautifully cut and well-made, and paired with interesting shoes, toppers, and accessories (often in other neutrals) for going out into the world. When it works, it really works, and I find getting dressed SO easy and fun.

Will I start dressing in all black all the time? Probably not. I enjoy having a great pair of blue jeans in my wardrobe, a floral print here and there, and the occasional piece in a color that makes me happy. I don't need a whole lot of color variety, though, and for me, a column of black doesn't feel like a sad default. It feels like a chic and practical urban uniform.

I still might celebrate with a white dress when all this is over.

3. Wish I'd started earlier. I'm kind of regretting my slow start to shopping for the warm season, though it felt perfectly right at the time. I'm expecting social distancing to last until June or July and by that time, ordering from the slow sources I'm prioritizing will mean not being able to start wearing new summer pieces until August. Assuming our income remains stable, I may preorder (from those who are offering it) to save my spot in the production queue and help some smaller companies continue paying their employees in the meantime. For small manufacturers who don't work on a made-to-order model, this post from one of my favorite ethical fashion instagrammers really struck me. "Your favorite brand isn't heartless, they're drowning."

4. I'm having MORE social interactions than before. I know this sounds crazy, but I'm an introvert who has worked from home for ten years. Normally, my husband goes to work, my son goes to school, and I spend the day on my own at home. I don't know a lot of people in my new location yet, so it's not like I was meeting up with friends or going out with people outside of my family before the virus hit. Now, my neighbors are all out on their balconies and rooftops, eager to chat. (Last night, my next door neighbor and I hung out on our respective balconies--ten or twelve feet apart--with glasses of wine and chatted for an hour.) Friends and family that I usually text a few times a month all of a sudden want to have video chats. And my immediate family is here with me 24/7. It seems good to remind myself that I don't have to go out for people to see me these days....and the people who do see me are family members and neighbors who are going to have a continued presence in my life. How do I want to present myself for these interactions? I think, with the same laid-back, natural ease I strive for in more normal times.

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