Style Fan, same! I used be be quite snooty about my reading material, but no longer.

Joy, thank you for that compliment about the black. I like that California weather allows me to wear it with more visible skin, which I think makes a huge difference in how heavy it feels.

suntiger, I'm glad I'm not the only one noticing! We did wine on the balcony. Our roofs are a bit more separated. I feel so lucky to have not one, but TWO outdoor spaces accessible from my house.

Sal, I hurt for young people right now, and all those on the cusp or in the midst of major changes, who are having life put on hold. Graduations, weddings, new jobs, moving out on your own... it hurts even more to put those things on hold than it does to pause everyday life. We had a family member (my husband's uncle) pass away last night, and it's difficult to have to wait on that sort of gathering as well.

I agree that black allowing for visible skin is important and probably why wear it more in summer than any other season