Wow! I am speechless!

Just reading description of the process made me smile. Fun with fashion at its best. The photos are awesome. That piece is amazing in the right hands. You rock it. It was all great; you had me when you flipped it backwards over leggings. Wowza! I would love to see it as part of a column of gray, too.
Beautifully done!

What a fabulous piece. I think you will definately get lots of wear out of it.
You sure have a beautiful shoe collection.

Sweet sister! I feel like I'm looking at a high class model shoot! Each and every styling is perfection. You're going to have to wait while I catch my breath....
OK, I think I can converse coherently now. I love all of these and it's super hard to pic a fav, but I ADORE #16 and #20. WOWZA! You and this All Saints top were meant to be together.

Fantastic, Sarah! I'm so glad you got this. What a versatile piece. Enjoy!

So fantastic!! I am beyond excited for you. This is exactly what I imagined when I saw it. It's the perfect game-changer for you! WOW!

I love it every single way you've shown it, but my absolute faves are

10, 11, 16, 18, 28. Oh heck, just say them all!!!

Thank you guys SO much! You have made this whole thing so much fun! Planing with fashion was one of the top things on my wish list this vacation.

This is simply amazing. I LOVE every example you've given here, and you look truly amazing. I loved it so much with the white that I didn't think I'd like it with black, and then I saw the pictures styled with black and I loved those, too. This piece is the perfect style and the perfect grey for you. I am SO happy you went for it!

OMG! I love this piece styled every single way!!!!! It's fabulous! What an impressive photo shoot, Sarah!

Love it with flares, as a dress in the last styling, and with the black leggings+ cami. But those are just favourites - it's stunning worn in every single way shown. Truly versatile---much like you. You're unbelievably beautiful, Sarah!

Hi Sarah --

No way am I picking a favorite look, sorry! What a great addition to your closet, and how fun for us to see your creativity at work with accessories, draping variations, etc.

Hope you can figure out a solution to the peek-a-boo issue for the dressier iteration. Were your slips just too short? Seems like a simple tank-style shift that hits a bit above or below might work. Easier said than done to find something like that when needed, I know, but maybe you have something in your closet.

Thank you so much Echo, Maneera and Vix! You guys are SO sweet.

Vix: I think you are right about the slip. I have a nude full slip that someone is using to get the length on an alteration she is doing for me so I will test with that when I get it back. The other slips I used were just wrong, it just looked like my slip was showing in an unintentional way... But I do think that is the key,

What a gallery you've created for us, Sarah--sky-high fashion, and a lot of fun. Great dress, great styling. Thanks!

No wonder Jorge hugged you, you are the perfect model for his store, it must have been so rewarding for him to serve you. The colour is the perfect grey for you as it complements your eyes. This is the most versatile piece of clothing and looks amazing in every shot. I love your attention to detail - your accessories, shoes, purses are all spot on. Your happiness comes through the photos.

You are looking WOW and HOW!!! Can't pick my favorites. I am still eye-balling your images!!!

Killer fabulous, love them all! This piece also won the award of the most versatile clothing item of the year 2015 in my book, and fits you to a tee in all its incarnations, so happy dance for you, Sarah!!!:_)