Thank you all so much for making this purchase so much fun for me. The whole thing, from start to finish was just wonderful - from my boss' gift card which allowed me to buy it, to the SA Jorge, who was so happy that I came back, that he hugged me when I left the shop, and all of you chiming in with encouragement that you could totally see this working for me!

For those who missed that thread, here is a link to the top that I just purchased:

I was a little worried that my family would see all of the drapy fabric and think I had lost my mind, but both John and Ethan instantly "got it" when I tried it on for them last night. Ethan had some great input on styling, particularly regarding shoe choices. He was so thrilled that he hugged me and told me what great style he thinks that I have.

Since I have some time off of work, today I tried out all sorts of combinations - fully styled with jewelry, shoes, handbags, hair and makeup. I ended up running out of energy before I ran out of ideas! I'm pretty sure that bodes very well for this being a wise purchase! I hope you enjoy the looks, and I am very open to honest feedback. I would love to hear if you think something doesn't work, and why, or if you have ideas for how to make things better. I've ordered the photos from most casual to most formal looks, and for the sake of time, I'll not explain every item - just things that I think are noteworthy.

Photo 1:
To show color. The up close swatch is pretty true to life - it is a medium grey/taupe/green, but the closeup of me shows it in lower light where it looks closer to my eye color.

Look A-Photos 2-5:
Ethan was set on seeing it with converse. I'm a little iffy on this one - it could be the navy with the grey is off, or it is just too casual. I'm not sure...

Look B-Photos 6-8:
I felt wonderful in this - casual and comfortable, totally me.

Look C-Photos 9-13:
Every single item is the same, and the tank is the same from the previous set, but I wore the top two different ways for a completely unique look. I honestly don't know which of the two looks I prefer - I love them both!

Look D-Photos 14-15:
Fun casual look.

Look E-Photos 16-19:
This is something I pictured wearing when I bought the top. Ethan is incredibly proud because he suggested the shoes. He was totally right! My boss brought this bracelet back from Paris for me this summer. I have a complicated relationship with black jewelry, but I am in LOVE with this piece.

Look F-Photos 20-24:
Same outfit with three different pairs of shoes. Which do you prefer? I had retired the first pair because the consensus on the forum some time ago was that they are dated, but I couldn't bear to get rid of them because I find them so flattering. I really like all three pair so I'm curious if you all have a favorite...

Look G-Photos 25-26:
I could see this as a work look, with the pencil skirt and comfortable wedge sandals...

Look H-Photos 27-29:
This was the dressy look that Jorge envisioned, and while I absolutely love it in the still photos, it was impossible to move in without revelaing things I would rather keep private! I have to put some more work into the underpinnings. I have tried slips, but those haven't looked right either... I will keep working on this one.

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