GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, Angie, black blouse and floral oxfords are mega hit, so lovely. I like your cross body bag, excellent. I can imagine how great that look on you.

I love them Angie. Joy your poem is perfect.
I remember floral Doc Martens. They are probably going to make an appearance.

A big hurrah for super comfortable and very stylish shoes!!!-)

I liked them in your round-up (so much that I looked for them, but they don't sell this model in Europe, maybe it was made for the US market), they look even better on.

Wow, these really gorgeous as floral but the extra little height in the block heel makes them more feminine and slim! Beautiful!

Who wouldn't love floral oxfords?

Thanks, ladies. I appreciate the cheer leading. Sorry to rush off and be brief - busy day. And I'm wearing the floral oxfords again today.

Isabelle, blast. Come on over to Seattle.

Joy, you win best comment of the year. I AM WOWED. And laughing!

Shiny, they worked on Joyce, who has high volume feet. I think she went up a size. The laces make the fit forgiving.

Your floral oxfords are a big hit with all of us. I love them.

*applauding Joy*

I'm in! If they work they will be my wild card for fall (reference to yesterday's blog post!).

Angie and Shiny, I went up half a size but I do that for most shoes. I am 7 1/2w
but usually get a size 8 which is what I did for the Hispanitas, I got the 8US / 38.5EU.

Ah, HALF a size Joyce. Good to know. Wore the floral oxfords again today....

Laura, my foot twin. HIGH FIVE.

bridgie, you are lovely as ever.

Gorgeous, Angie. They look so fab on your feet. Hispanitas are some of the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. And stylish too. I knew they would work for you, the shoe padding they have is great when you have to be on your feet for a long time.

Now you have to get the matching bag. Just saying.

Thanks, Dianna. HIGH FIVE. I LOVE Hispanitas, and am loyal to the brand from now on. Very happy feet. And now I want the bag...

Joyce got them too!?!!
Serious FOMO going on here.

Wow, WAY better in real life (or real photo) than the catalogue. These are stunning! I'm glad you found beautiful shoes that make your feet sing.

Bag? Someone said bag?

I love how you make patterned shoes work!

Glad to hear they are so comfy. The heel looks higher than I would've thought comfy. Glad they work!

Check them out Firecracker, I think they were made for you, too!
Oh no, Dianna, now I want the matching bag, lucky that I don't think they sell it at Nordstrom...

Love the sophisticated floral, and I'm so glad they're immediately comfy!

Seems like I won't be the only fabber with a party on her feet!

I just ordered these, in a 36, size may not be right, as I never know with Euro sizing. We shall see!

Your floral oxfords reminded me of some SW metallic grey lace up heeled loafers I had... well, I think it was 9 years ago when I first joined? I wore those into the ground. You may or may not remember them, that was eons ago! So maybe these will work for me too, in a similar wardrobe sort of way. Cross fingers.

I decided to bite the bullet after receiving these loafers today, which were going to be my wild card this year, shoe wise/ fun pattern wise (as to be honest I'm not so sure about florals!)

I've been having good luck with BR shoes lately. I have this loafer in a patent leather version already, which says it's black but is really a super inky blue. So I was going to duplicate in this patterned version.

However, these arrived today and while the right foot is totally comfy, something is rubbing oddly and annoyingly on the left foot, in a spot I don't think is fixable or will improve with wear. But I'd recommend these to anyone else -- it's just my feet that are the problem. The problem foot rolls inward because that leg is longer, so something is rubbing at just the wrong spot in the inside heel. These BR loafers are super cute though!

Very fab oxfords! Love the look.