This outfit was put together rather hastily and in an unplanned manner for an all-staff dinner/guest speaker event at work last night.  The main criteria was warmth and comfort as
it's notoriously cold in the room and we are sitting for 3 or more hours on cheap folding plastic chairs that seem to irritate every weak muscle and bone structure in your body . You know the ones.

I bought this t-shirt yesterday at Anthro - almost didn't, but decided to stop second-guessing myself in every store I go on and take the da*m thing home at least. It fits like a dream (t-shirts usually don't) and is so soft .  I'm also into blue this spring-going-into-summer and this print has all the right colours. I wasn't planning on wearing it last night, but I put it on, then tried a couple of pair of jeans with it - decided that I should veer dressier vs casual when in doubt . I don't love these jeans, but decided to give them a second shot before donating them.  This boucle plaid cropped jacket was an end-of-season  buy in the fall and last night was its first outing. It *is*  a size too big, but I loved the colours so much I bought it anyways, lol.  New NB sneakers - not committed to these yet. I love the colour but am not sure of the styling.

Headed out the door, and thought I'd see how this blue McQueen scarf worked with it, and kind of liked the maximal pattern mixing.  Blue nails also  - ha!  

Conclusion - jeans are going in the donate bag. I was SO self-conscious all night , and felt not just a lack of flattery here, but real UNFLATTERY, which I simply am not comfortable with. The pants with a cropped jacket are too unstructured and too much.  Even with a more fitted top or jacket (which I don't do while my weight is so out of control) , it's not just a "me " look.  I think it looked better in the mirror and in photos than it felt IRL.  

However, it was a fun look up top, and I look forward to wearing the t-shirt and jacket AND scarf a lot more!


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