Somehow I missed this…love love love the nails. What a great color.

And the jacket is fab, love the colors and texture, and the matching bag! And cute sneakers…I have some old school Nikes that I love with anything but wide leg full length jeans, my eye still wants wide legs with a pointed or elongated toe.

LJP, I get what you and Suz mean about jeans that can feel off when they are too "loosey-goosey". Personally I don't like jeans that stretch out. I wonder if you needed a size down in these?

Oh I probably did , Angie , but by the time I decided that I had already removed the tags and wore them out of the house . I’m always too quick to assume things fit . Fortunately , they didn’t cost much ( a main reason why I won’t spend on premium denim is because I have difficulty assessing fit and flattery with jeans ) . I’ll repeat this outfit with basic boot cuts or boyfriend jeans .

That sounds like a great way of making you more happy in this outfit

I get you about the jeans even though I think this looks great. It must have been fun to wear color to a work event.

Beautiful texture and pattern mix, and the color combo is gorgeous and eye-catching! Those sneakers are awesome! I know what you mean about the jeans fit. Denim can be so tricky to get right!

Gosh you have such a knack for mixing things and it looks fab. The jacket is fun. I understand what you mean about the jeans, they look good but if you're not feeling it out they must go !

I am late here, but couldn't resist commenting as I Iove the whole look, especially how the scarf and shacket look together. I understand your feelings on the jeans, and hope you repeat the outfit with a different pair.

Loving the colour story here. Classic Dutch, rather than this season's Dutch, cuz Amsterdam is all about the neutrals at the moment.

Too bad about the jeans, but if the fit is wrong, it's wrong.

Love your nails and all the color scheme+ your hair is really fab color now! I'm too in the mood for blues this Spring-only do it with a light blue trench and tote over bl&w outfits.

I see what both you and Angie see and was going back and forth. I think tho in the end I lean towards the decision of passing them on, but can’t say why. However, I love your bright blues. Fun!

I really like this outfit and think it’s decent. It seems at the moment loose fit, somewhat shapeless pants with a loose fit, somewhat shapeless top is the done thing. It’s hard to get used to though.
However…. If you don’t like the jeans, and you don’t feel good in them, then life is just too short, get rid of them I say.
I I like how you had a graphic tee and used its colours repeated in the shacket, clever.

Thank you all . I've mentally and physically already moved on from the jeans Now that I've decided they don't work, I don't need to continue to worry about them and let them make me feel bad about myself .