Taking up Synne’s challenge, here’s a group of outfits that each include at least one item that is long or not fitted. The overriding majority of pieces are still OBGs. One issue that came up immediately is the problem of outerwear. I’ve collected mid-thigh coats/ jackets in my finds ever since I’ve been on YLF. Looks like it’s time to do something about that. I think of the blackberry one from Halogen as “the one that got away”. Also, I’m still working on fitting in the moto.

1-5 found this barrette in the big leather moto, idk where I got it, but I pretend I’m Brooklyn with her classy Byzantine pieces from Moma when I wear it.
Bershka flares 2019
Soft Surroundings hi-lo sweater ca 10 years old
ASOS mock T 2019
Hollister vest Thought it looked ok, but then it got chilly out
Blue wool coat—purchased in 8th grade
Le Sak ca 2018
Leopard print gloves ca 2015
Seychelles metallic ankle boots 2018

6-10 cherry picker decorating the tree at the Memorial church
Liz Claiborne superfine cord pants 2003
Winter Silks sweater ca 2008
Moto jacket 1980s
Bag as above
Scarf from Berlin market 2019
Born Oxfords 2018
Hat & mittens TJ Max ca 2015. Are they in ok shape? Someone commented on them, but I wasn’t sure if it was clear the edges are fuzzy because they’re supposed to be.

11-15 I’m sure taking this woman’s pic without asking is illegal, so I have obscured her face. She made me smile because she’s me in a couple decades—all those shades of rosy warm berry colors plus a touch of something else jff, and then the practical shoes and backpack. And then there’s me wearing my cozy sweater blankie out with jeans, and at home with a tunic. Irene said that to decide about it, she needed to see it with something besides the pink jeans. I’m glad I took the pix, because otherwise I was thinking cardi, tunic & tights (14) would work oitw. Nope!
Stetson cardi ca 2015
Gap baby boot jeans pre 2010
P&C puffer 2018
Clark ankle boots ca 2015

I just love these swimmers. They are along the edge of the river as if they’re about to dive in, FKK (“Free Body Culture”—German for being nude in public, which is not considered lewd in many contexts).

16-21. Trying to lighten up the leather jacket as Janet suggested, with light-colored pieces around it. Does it work?
Liz Claiborne mustard pants 2003—a tricky color for me are they the right length with these boots?
August Silk Me-colored (beige) T-neck
Long sweater with high slits
Scarf my mother knit me
Moto as above
Leopard print gloves
The train station is part of a line that just opened. My son and I toured it while it was under construction, because we are nerds like that.

Thanks for looking! Comments and suggestions on currency of these looks/ how to update are appreciated.

ETA an old thread about the sweater in 16 https://youlookfab.com/welookf.....ry-sweater

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