Heeeeeere comes Valentine’s Day! This morning, hubs referred wistfully to a distant past when I would wear stockings/lingerie. I totally flew off the handle! (Granted, I hadn’t had my coffee yet and we were already running late.)

Here are my problems with “special/romantic” lingerie (as opposed to the everyday type, which I actually really like):

- shopping for it takes forever because you have to undress completely. And it is horrifying to see oneself in those mirrors! Almost as bad as bathing suit shopping.

- the moment at the cashier also sucks. $$$$$$ The cheap stuff feels itchy and scratchy. The fancy stuff feels lovely but costs SO MUCH. And which part of the budget is this coming out of? Do I have to forgo a useful pair of jeans for a not-useful frilly thing that I can only wear once or twice before hubs declares it “boring” and needs a new one?

- wearing it feels absurd. I’ve never been able to find a moment at home -in the dead of winter, mind you- when I think to myself “gee, I’d love to hang about/ cook dinner/ work on the taxes while wearing only my undies.” Blue with cold. Goose pimpled. Not a good look.

In short, I told him that HE should feel free to wear lingerie whenever he likes. But count me out!

Am I a horrible, unromantic curmudgeon? Why don’t men have to take on the responsibility of “maintaining the spark”? It seems like just another task (like ironing!) that tends to fall on the already-overburdened ladies. Grrrrr.

I think I go off about this every year. Hope my novel-length post can at least give y’all a few laughs!