This seemed to be a comfortable , fresh-feeling outfit for  this first-nice-spring-day.....but when I looked at the photos, I realized that the jeans are wrong here and it's furthered my determination to get my jeans game sorted out. I've whined about jeans on the forum a few times, so won't go there again, but the ideal pair here (I now see) would have been a relaxed, faded, vintage-y straight legged (but short) Levi's-like jean (with NO stretch) , and not this thigh-magnifying stumpifying cuffed pair (whose legs ARE those anyways ?)  Funny what you don't really notice until you take a picture.  Cuffs are too leg shortening and stretch denim is not my friend .  Grrr.  I like these jeans well enough, but they really need to be hidden under a dressier longer top, and worn with a heel.  . Jeans are still a HEWI - but I'm not giving up.

I've been on a caffeine fuelled frustrating shopping frenzy for the past week, finding a couple of things but still bemoaning the lack of great pieces for women my age (and my friends are fully commiserating with me on this one) that aren't at Smythe/Vince etc price points.

 Lilac hasn't made a statement at retail here at all, but that might  be because of our smaller stores where you don't get the impact a colour trend  can make in a huge department store like Nordstrom.  The Michael Kors boutique had the only lilac grouping I noticed -very pretty pieces for size 2's and 0's  .  It was Bay Day at Hudson Bay however (ha) and they trotted out a new Calvin Klein activewear group which had this lightweight lilac stripe  sweatshirt-ish thing for a nice low price. Cute mini-cold shoulder and sleeve cutouts.  I do have a lack of nicer casual tops to wear around the house or on non-working days, and this fit the bill. 

Very old camo jacket , the stupid jeans, and a newish  locket from one of my favourite indie boutiques. I buy jewellery like this as a "reward" to myself when work has gone particularly well (and because jewellery always fits) .  I have matching star diamanté  earrings on from the same designer.  Next time, I'll layer a gold choker with this pendant to make it more interesting - another thing I only noticed after taking a photo.   Muted  rose-gold  sneakers from Geox, which sadly closed their store here sometime recently. They were a go-to for high quality casual trendy-but-not-crazy shoes.  Very disappointed they closed.

Jean stories,commiserations, and any other thoughts always welcome!  Happy Weekend, all. And GO JETS GO!!!

jeans - JAG 
top- Calvin Klein Active
jacket - Club Monaco
necklace - Leah Alexandra Canada)
runners - Geox

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