I have not been on team red. I don’t really wear it or decorate my home with it. I’m not sure why. I think it’s a bit bossy. I prefer soothing colours. Maybe I’m a big baby!

I love all blues and in summer I veer nautical in my preferences so like a dash of red tempered with lots of blue and white.

On the other hand this just entered my house this week so maybe things are changing?

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Chiming back in for this very interesting thread. I wonder if other colors have such emotion attached to them? I know pink does, but any others?

I am a complete introvert, no doubt about it. And I seriously have to call to task the phrase "but a high-functioning one", as if there is something wrong or damaged about being an introvert but some of us manage to have an okay life despite this disability. Please rethink saying this!! That's like saying I have green eyes, but it's okay because I'm a high functioning green eyed person. Being introverted is not a flaw, a fault, or a problem. It is just one way of being in the world and has it's own wonderful attributes and gifts. I know no one who said this really meant it that way, but it's a qualifier that needs to die. After all, does anyone say "I'm an extrovert, but a high-functioning one despite my need for frequent stimulation and lack of comfort with large quantities of alone time"? I'm not meaning to attack anyone who said it, so please don't take it that way...just asking for some thought into that expression. Do you really want to be saying it?

Back to red, maybe I love to wear it because it speaks for me! I have no wish to disappear (being introverted is not the same as being shy) and maybe red makes me feel and present as the happy, cheerful person I am without me having to work so hard to do that on my own? I can be quiet inside of red and let it be the energy for me. Or maybe I just like to wear it because I'm snow white and she looks really good in red.

I understand what you're saying, Peri. I assume you may have read Susan McCain's "Quiet" about introversion? Great book that really helped me understand myself more.

Peri, I don't consider my introversion a flaw or a weakness. Maybe there's a better term for it, but what I mean by "high-functioning" is that my introversion is not apparent to those who don't know me well. I am a performer and a teacher; I talk to people all day long and get up on stage evenings and weekends. I am opinionated and a good conversationalist. What people don't see is that, behind the scenes, social activities leave me completely drained. Recharging usually involves heading into the backcountry for multi-day trips where I interact with as few people as possible. Intro/extraversion is just one facet of personality, not the whole package. I absolutely need to do live shows and readings and film shoots and classes/workshops to sustain myself creatively, every bit as much as I need time to myself after the fact.

(Sorry, not red-related! )

LaP, exactly how I feel! Well said.

Janet, yes, great book!

LaP, exactly! I'm like that too...I teach piano and have no trouble being on stage. I just want down time afterwards! Introversion is not shyness, it's a totally separate trait. There can be outgoing introverts and shy extroverts. It's just the term "high-functioning" automatically implies that this certain trait is something to be overcome and we were able to...we are able to thrive despite it, unlike some other introverts. Instead, how about if being introverted is what makes us thrive...the need for downtime gives us time for that creativity and the space for internal examination that leads to those strong opinions we don't mind getting into conversations over. Like this one!

Maybe if we think about it we can come up with a better phrase. Or maybe it's in that book already and I just forgot! Maybe just "gregarious introvert"?

Right now I’m wearing red Dansko clogs, a hidden red tank top, and a neckerchief with some red. For me, it’s so hard to find The Right Red. Makes me feel like Goldilocks: Too pink; too warm; too blue; too saturated. True red, watermelon, and strawberry are probably my best reds and maybe my best fruits as well. But dang! I feel like Petite offerings are Forever Black. Grumble, grumble, whine, whine.

Great thread. I love red. I am an extrovert on Myers-Briggs but the older I get the more down-time I need. I did some looking into Jung’s “shadow self” which seemed to maybe explain that a bit. I also loved Susan Cain’s book Quiet. I have an introverted husband and sometimes feel it is a small misfortune that all 3 of my children are introverts when they do MBTI tests. What ever happened to my genes?! Luckily my best friend is an extreme extrovert so we can laugh and talk as much as we want. Sometimes she is a bit much even for me!
One of my early threads on the forum was pics of all my red shoes. Although red used to be my favourite colour I think it has been overtaken by cobalt blue and olive is getting up there too. But my teeny red car still makes me very happy.

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Ditto LaPed re: introversion. I was a performer too for 15 + years, and my current jobs require a lot of outreach and the appearance of extraversion. And I do enjoy that role. I like talking with new people and discovering new resources.
But my home, my car, the rivers, the woods are my sanctuary! That alone time recharges me.

Chiming back in to say, I'm an outgoing introvert, too -- I'll bet a lot of us on the forum fall into that category.

Just consider -- if this were a PHONE forum (or a big huge Skype call) how many of us would run for our beds, throw the quilts over our heads, and never return???


Suz ...You are hilarious
Totally agree !


Three more things: 

1. Extroverts need alone time too. I am very extroverted. I am energized by crowds, noise, and social events, and come home bouncing off the walls with energy. The opposite of feeling drained. Calm classic music drains me. Hard rock energizes me. But I like my quiet alone time. Everyone does as they get older. It's not an introvert thing

2. People who are not drawn to red - it's JUST how I feel about purple. I am never drawn to purple. Not for 49 years. Most of my clients and friends like purple. Horses for courses - always!

3. The red in my wardrobe makes me happy! 

Suz ha! If this were a video Skype chat I’d claim the internet connection was bad and turn off the video #notthativeeeverdonethatinreallife #noreallyiswear

A big H no to Skype from me too!

I LOVE burgundy, wines and berries. They are some of my staple colors.

I like red, and used to wear it as a power color, but it overwhelms me. I have to do a lot to pull it off. And it has to be the right color red. Blue red instead of orange red, if that makes sense.

I do have the occasional pop of fushia these days, but usually as a tank tucked under a cardigan.

two years ago I became obsessed with red shoes. still am to some extent. I have red waterproof hikers that I also wear for dog stuff in wet grass or in the rain, red sandals and red dressy 2" heels. This is enough though, and I have few other ret items, One t shirt, a red plaid shirt, and three pairs if red earirngs..and a top with a red print, and red skinnies that always get compliments.

The reds all seem really bright, and I’d prefer something more subdued. So I haven’t bought much red.

I love red dresses though! Red is the best colour for a dress, IMO.

Fascinating discussion of red and personalities. I think I'm a reserved extrovert! I'm energized by groups and interaction with people, but sometimes I don't have all that much to say.

Red is not one of my colors. Not a true, clear red anyway. I like to wear muddier colors. My reds are in the wine family, or cranberry or raspberry. Nowadays, I'll even go a little warm, into almost brick tones.
Back in the 80s, I did wear some bright blue-based red, but it always felt a bit loud to me.

A little late to the discussion. Avoided red for many years despite efforts to put me in it because of pale skin / dark hair combo. Yes, graphically that looked [insert word choice] but I always felt overpowered by the color and like it made my rosacea more prominent.

I liked berries better but they were often too warm a pink and/or too bright when worn as a solid vs print or pattern. Then the "wine" shades would be too brown, or too dark, etc.

Very Goldilocks.

Explored again this year since there were more blue-based reds around and realized deep red-violets are my best. I have some room to play with the softer and neutral-cool reds/pinks but not a ton. I felt slightly less picky because I realized my shades have been out of style for about 10 years!

In the right shade I don't feel anymore on display than in my best color-colors (blues, blue-greens, violets, etc)...they don't make me want to run back to my neutrals like prior red experiments.

I also don't need more makeup, a "bright lip" and so on. In fact I can get away with less as I get the proverbial slightly rosy vs wildly overheated flush.

I'm glad I bought a few things this winter / summer as I see the trend is heading back for neutral bright reds!

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Oh, boy. I almost commented at the beginning of this thread, but did not because it became to complicated as everything in my life does. LOL. But here goes.
I love red. I have two red dresses, one a red floral and the other red with with polka dots, both quite old, a red cocoon topper, full length. My grandaughter has suggested I purge them. However, at Christmas and Valentines day I do wear them. And get compliments. I have red and white stripe twin sets (2). And red shoes galore.
Now for everyday life, I never wear full red but wear a pair of red sneakers, red necklace, watch, blouse, jacket, etc.
So, that is my contribution to this thread. and just want to warn you, you will hear more from me concerning red.
I am going to a wedding in October, and was asked if I was ok to wear a red dress. And me being me I said yes, and I do mean it and will be happy to do so.
Of course, nothing in the above mentioned is being considered.
I will be starting a thread very soon concerning this. I have started with the toppers ( one is a leopard print sheer duster). They will be arriving early next week and I will start or continue from there. I am now spending about six hours a day on the computer researching red dresses and of course the NAS sale, which I enjoy so much anyway and is a welcome distraction for me.
Janet, your timing concerning red was perfect timing for me! Thank you.

I quite agree with Peri here. Introversion, affinity for red, and high levels of functionality are all independent variables. Having one or two says nothing about your likeliness to have the other two or one. Most of my life I’ve had all three traits. I’m still working on getting back to my old level of functionality, or close to it.

I'm laughing at the mere thought of how horrible a Skype type chat would be. I wouldn't accept the invitation, claiming I had some important appointment at that time. I want to cry and hide under the table when there are too many people talking at once, and too much energy bouncing around. I draw my energy from being calm , feeling cool (literally) and feeling organized. Nothing about bright colours , especially red, helps me achieve this. Anyways, an interesting thread, I still stand by my opinion that personality and colour choices are hugely connected.