l like red in small doses for a pop of color. Only have 1 piece now and it's a bright orangey red heavyweight raincoat. It makes me happy and brightens my wardrobe during our cool, wet springs.

I wear a small amount of red in summer (I have a cardi, a pair of peep-toe clogs, and a print sundress with a red background ETA: oh and.a summer rain jacket! How could I forget?)). But mostly I’m really not drawn to red for myself. It’s too...primary? Too simple.

I don’t really think of it as a personality thing. Most reds just don’t seem to mesh well with my style (which surely must be influenced by my personality, but it’s a step removed from feeling like I don’t have the personality to wear red).

Burgundy, rose, ballet pink, coral, fuchsia— all good. See? Less primary.

I like the color red in theory but loathe it on me. It is NOT a flattering color at all with my skin tone. I gravitate much more to pinks and earthy rust color tones. I am usually a very active NAS participant but this year have been totally uninspired. I have felt a big fat "Meh" towards everything that I have seen. I bought white bath towels and that is it. Maybe that explains my mindset this year.

Yes I am on team red - I enjoy wearing red and don't find it draining to wear. I am not a loud person, but a slight extrovert and find wearing red energising. I have lots of red in my closet and from a look at my finds - the brighter the better!

Interesting topic! I love red and wear all shades of it with my neutrals. But it’s cobalt I can’t do. Despite cobalt being a good color on me. Sometimes I think we just like what we like on ourselves.

I always felt that wearing a bright, clear red was like wearing a scream, and swore I’d never do it.

Well, I did do it—back in the late ‘80s with a gorgeous full skirted, broad-belted, long-sleeved wool midi dress that I adored and wore a lot. Kept that dress for 20 years! I got used to wearing a scream and all the attention that came with it. Haven’t worn that shade of red since (though I did buy a long red wool coat from Zara a few years ago that I never managed to wear)

I’m not averse to wearing bright colors—bright orange is my favorite color, and I wear a lot of it—but it comes down to what flatters my skin tone. I’m super pale, but have a ruddy skin tone. Orange and orange-reds are flattering on me, where a clear, true red is much less so. Same thing with some of the dark pinks. Some are flattering, others not. Burgundy ditto. If I’m REALLY drawn to the cut and fabrication of an item in one of these maybe/maybe not colors, I have to be very choosy, else I could end up looking like the dog’s dinner!

Funny how our preferences seem to stay with us over the years even when we don’t realize it. Like Janet wearing red to special events, even back as far as her HS prom. That made me think of my prom, and darned if my dress wasn’t bright orange!

As you know, I tend to wear red more on my body and less in clothing. I’ve shifted to increasingly bright red or pink hair within the last year. So for that reason I don’t wear red in clothing TOO often; when I do it’s usually an accent color. I do wear red or bright pink footwear to bookend my locks. I also wear bright red lipstick. Blue-reds tend to look best with my skin tone.

Here’s a notable exception of bold red clothing, a Universal Standard crepe dress that I got at a significant discount at their recent sample sale.

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More often, I wear deep purplish burgundies or fuchsia or berry rather than a true red.

A lot of the problem for me was finding the right reds. When I weeded out any blue-based teds, I was much happier. This includes pinks. My best reds that I love wearing are tomato, watermelon and coral Pinks must be peachy. Burgundy must be rusty with more orange than blue for me. Cherry red is too blue. Try thinking about which shades of red you feel best wearing. It may not be the same reds you liked when you were younger. Those will probably no longer work.
When I have trouble wearing something that I know will look good, I just do it and I adjust. Examples are metallic shoes or bags, especially shiny silver, orange and yellow.

Everyone knows I'm firmly on Team Red. I swear the woman who wrote the kids' book called Red is Best was listening to me to come up with that title. I still remember a pair of red "tapping shoes" I begged my mother to get me when I was about four.

Red makes me feel happy and energetic. I especially love it for footwear and outerwear. I also love how it can function as a neutral.

In fact, my brother and I noticed a few years ago that both of us are almost never without a red coat.

Like me, he's an introvert. So while personality may play a role in how we feel about colours, I don't think it's strictly a matter of introverted people liking quiet, receding colours and extraverts preferring brights.

One of my closest friends is not just an introvert but also struggles with fairly severe social anxiety -- and despite that, she, too, adores (and wears) red. Red flatters her, so she feels more confident in it. It's as simple as that.

I love red, cool red. But I have not had red in my wardrobe for a long time as I haven’t been able to find items that work. I am looking for a red coat to replace the one that hit the dust several years back after many, many years of use. I do have a red LePilage arriving soon. And red handles on another purse.
Two Talbots’ red blouses in two sizes arrived today and I needed an in between size, so I am still looking.

This came up in a thread a while ago but I wear bright colors but didn’t think of them as being noticeable but I thought less common cuts clothing stood out. I guess it’s what you are comfortable with.

I avoid the classic tomato red because I think I do not look good in it. It looks too harsh against my fair complexion.

But if the red contains a hint of pink or orange (it is what I call "geranium" red) and if I am slightly tanned, then I can look ... not so bad.

I do like and wear red shoes and bags.

I am a proud introvert and the only bag I have on this trip is red. I will wear bits and pieces of red and certainly red in a pattern. I probably wouldn't wear all red just because it might invite people to interact with me - not my goal. I don't strive to be extroverted .

I am a proud and happy introvert. I do work with people but I see that as totally different. For everyday I wear brownish red footwear. I don't think I dislike any colour except pink.
For me, red is a romantic colour. My wedding dress was red. The flowers were red roses. Mr SF had a red tie. We got married close to Christmas so there was lots of red in the church. My engagement ring has a ruby in it. I would definitely wear red to a special occasion but not for everyday events. I will stick to my neutrals. Probably for the same reasons as Lisap.

I like red and it generally likes me. Over the years I have worn it often and as a neutral. As I have been evolving to my natural silvery white hair, my wardrobe has gained more shades of blue and at the moment I do not have much solid red. When I wear it, it makes me feel happy and confident.

I’ve always loved red and it’s been well represented in my wardrobe over the years. In the last few years, since my hair changed from dark brown to grey, I’ve discovered soft pink really suits my coloring. I still love red and can wear it, but I’m intentionally buying less of it than I used to and gravitating to pink (very, very light red!) instead.

Sarah D8, it's interesting what you say about red being too "primary." I've had that feeling before too, especially prints that are red-yellow-blue with no black to ground them or give them sophistication. I don't care for those at all -- they feel too..."primary" to me, almost juvenile, like Garanimals. Anyone remember those?

I am very attracted to shades of coral, but I need to be careful of those warm reds. They are probably not my best, but sometimes I do succumb to the attraction. I look better in a slightly blue red.

I think part of my hesitation with red is that I feel like I should wear stronger makeup when I have red near my face, but I don't do bold, bright or dark lipstick, and I am not confident of my ability to do stronger makeup without looking weird.

I don't wear red much, cause DH calls it "an angry color"- but I do wear rust, berry, and burgundy often.

I also find it interesting how some people may see other intense colors similarly. I occasionally buy something bright fuchsia or orchid but invariably wear it a couple of times and pass it along. Lesson learned. I don't think it looks bad on me, I just don't particularly feel it once it's on me. Same with purple, although the deeper shades like eggplant are much more in my comfort zone.

But I don't think I've ever met a blue I won't wear. Maybe if it's too muddy or washed out.

I'm not a red person. I wear shades of red like rusty reds or plums but red itself, no. I've never been attracted to it, and I'm not sure I have ever even tried any on. Not a big fan of brights all together, I think they must not flatter my skin tone. I do fall into the "high-functioning introvert" category also so who knows, maybe that has something to do with it.

I live in a very warm climate, and wearing red just makes me feel hotter! I don't own a single red piece of clothing. Even in the cooler months, I avoid it, even during Christmastime, when it's so ubiquitous. It doesn't resonate with me at all, but I admire it on others, including you and Suz! Love your gorgeous new red jacket, and Suz's killer red boots. Go Team Red! I'll admire you from the bench.

Another card-carrying introvert here! I tend to shy away from red. Maybe it's a matter of finding the right undertone? Maybe because my hair is coppery red and I have freckles I feel like I have enough color going on - any more and I start to feel too "loud". I also don't wear brighter colors like cobalt or citron; my palette is muted, save for a handful of emerald green and teal things.

Thinking back, I believe I have owned only two red things - one pair of brick red ballet flats and one sleeveless tomato red top - in my adult life. The flats worked as a pop of color with all my olive and denim, and was far away from my face. The top was Cabi brand (purchased from a friend's sister who was selling Cabi and convinced me I needed it...) I have worn it once in the year since I bought it, for Sal's July challenge last week. It's sitting in the donation bag...

I like red - I don't own a ton of it because it all depends on the color of red to me - ruby red and deep shades of red are my favorites. A true bright red or tomato red, not right for me. I like a slightly darker, but not necessarily too cool shade. It's not easy to find the right red for me. And I don't like bright red accessories or shoes for myself.

I love red! I adore it! I don’t wear it much though. I am very back and forth on my energy level. And while red feels energetic it takes more energy for me to wear. I feel I need to look 100% on to wear it. (Maybe this is why I am a purple girl?) So makeup, skin, shoes and accessories have to be on point. Because I know—or at least feel—in red I will be very seen and don’t want to fall short.

Plus, I really need blue based reds in medium to medium-dark value and haven’t found it too often. This far, I’m never happy with JUST a tee. I want it in richly textured fabrics—silk charmeuse, satin, brocade, tweed. I want it to have drama and beauty in the cut and details. I did get a gorgeous dress on clearance from ModCloth last autumn. It’s a huge poppy print on a black background. Love it but want to wear it more than I do. So working on that.

All that said, I wear a lot of red lipstick, as well as wine, fuschia and plum. Those colors all need at least some good face makeup to conceal a bit of redness at the center of my face. But red and red-plum especially. I can’t slump on my makeup when wearing them.

Recently found this knitting pattern. It’s called Alizarin, after the crimson shade. The yarn and pattern book together will cost a pretty penny. But I’m actually going to make it in red. It feels very right to me and that’s the first time I’ve had this much deep desire for crimson.

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Regarding the further conversation - I don't think I'm all that extroverted. I'm not a complete introvert either. I think I have a strong personality, with lots of humor, but I don't tend to be very forceful.I tend towards being low energy and need lots of downtime.

I wear dark reds (wine, burgundy, etc) but not bright red. I do have one bright red sweater and I tend to only wear it around the holidays. A big part of my problem with red is figuring out what to pair it with. I don't really like it with black - I'm having a hard time articulating why though. I'm not sure if it's too high contrast or just too expected. I definitely like it in patterns better than a solid red item of clothing. I like it with blue but I don't wear that much blue and if the blue is the wrong shade it can look too 4th of July.

Red has figured in my wardrobe forever, but I think it stands out more now that I have a smaller collection of mostly neutral clothes vs a rainbow closet. I grew up hearing 'redheads don't wear red', but I don't believe my mother adhered to that, and I certainly didn't. My colouring has changed and my hair reads blonde due to all the white coming in. Maybe I wear more red now to compensate?

Meyers Briggs testing put me on the cusp for introversion/extroversion - I 'perform' well in social situations, but find them exhausting and need lots of solo time. I am also a very positive/optimistic person. I have my worries, but generally am happy and high energy.

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If Angie is Queen Bright Red, then I'm Princess Tomato Red. I have some darker, more burgundy red items in my wardrobe, but I avoid wearing them near my face. No red lipstick for me because it just looks too harsh and aging on me. Great topic!

Janet - the makeup situation is another reason I don't wear red. And, I too don't think it has anything to do with Introversion vs Extraversion. Those aren't always consistent personality indicators. (Suz is proof of that here).