There is lots of red in the forum lately since many of the most appealing NAS items have red in a pattern or are some shade of red. LisaP has mentioned in a few threads feeling uncomfortable with the idea of wearing red, and I have also struggled with it in my wardrobe in the past. But here I just bought the red plaid jacket and feel pretty excited by the possibilities of it. I feel more comfortable with red in a print or pattern, and in shades of deep red (burgundy and wine), than I do with solid bright red. (Although, yes, I did wear a full length red-red ball gown last winter!)

Who here avoids red and why? Have you had a change of heart about red, either for the positive or the other way around? Has anyone who was reluctant to wear it discovered a new love for it? I’m just curious about where others are and have been with red, and curious to see whether I embrace it more in times to come.