Further to the lengthy navel gazing of this post, I decided I should play around with my new purchases to help sort our what's really going to work and what might be an oopsie. Almost every new piece is from a recent flurry of Winners and Marshalls shopping.

  1. First up, the "twinset" -- green jacket with slightly darker turtleneck. Both new -- Tahari.
  2. Tht "twinset" with a pair of BR wide legged ponte knit pants. LOVE these pants and hope I will continue to be able to wear them. Haven't had many opportunities since purchasing them just pre-pandemic. This would pass muster in my business casual office if I ever go back there.
  3. Rayon camo joggers. I tried pairing them with a black and white striped French Connection sweaterI picked up today. I liked it better IRL than in the photo, but it does make me look a bit chunkier, I think. I just thought I'd be cheeky and try to mix patterns a bit. Also wearing a pair of inexpensive but surprisingly comfortable Esprit combat boots.
  4. Camo joggers with the green jacket. Olivey-yellow top underneath is from H&M - purchased Feb 2020 and not yet worn. Featuring my yellow Docs and one of my favourite scarves. The pattern is floral, but I feel like it kind of echoes the camo? No? Makes me want to pull out the teal shade from the scarf and pair it with the pants...
  5. I have reservations about sharing this one because I look awfully blocky in it and just couldn't find a flattering angle to shoot. Again, I THINK it's a bit better IRL. This is my new cream sweater with the joggers.
  6. This is a bit of a default treatment for me - camo pants with a black tee and long black cardigan that's already in my closet.
  7. This is the twinset with a bit of a wildcard I picked up this afternoon. The skirt is kind of pleated, with a bell-style bottom. Stretchy, comfortable, and something I thought could be dressed up or down. I have a few knit pencil skirts, but nothing in a midi length. Trying it here with the black combat boots.
  8. Same black skirt with another French Connection sweater. This one is kind of tunic length with stripes in white, gray, camel and black. I thought it might help perk up black ponte pant outifits in the winter. Will look better around the middle in a few pounds.
  9. Turns out I will probably be able to shop my closet for white jeans this fall. These Gap cropped kicks still aren't super comfortable, but I expect that to change in a week or two. I haven't been able to wear these in five years, so I am thrilled. Shown here with my new creamy/taupe sweater and Olukai sneakers. Trying to take inspiration from Angie's lively poses....
  10. Added a camel-coloured topper that was new in 2020 and might have been worn to the office twice before the pandemic. It's pretty big on me now, but hoping I can carry if off "street style" with a heavy sweater underneath.
  11. Another pair of old Gap pants I am ALMOST able to wear again. Paired here with the new cream/taupe sweater and one of the many many scarves I have that will work with this palette.
  12. Camo sweatshirt. One of those things you put on and it feels like you've owned it forever. Not sure I NEED it, but here's how it would probably mostly get work -- with Birks and black leggings or ponte pants as I WFH (our office not going back until at least Jan 2022). Am I silly to like it?
  13. Black and white striped sweater with the white jeans. I was hoping this would work. Still a bit blocky in the middle, but hoping this will change. Can I carry it off? I know stripes are widening - and I love them.
  14. The other striped sweater with the white jeans. Can I pull off either of these striped sweaters with ANY of these bottoms?
Whew, that was a lot of dressing and undressing and feeling very self-conscious trying to find reasonably flattering poses.

Thanks so much for looking! Comments and suggestions always welcome.

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