A while back I posted about how I'm going to try to shop this fall while continuing to lose some weight that's been accumulating over the last ten to 12 years. I've started a bit of shopping and wanted to navel gaze a bit on how that's going.

FItting is still pretty hit and miss for me because my proportions are a bit wonky -- call me a rectangle with an apply going on in the middle, meaning I really need to focus on specific cuts. I've preferred mid rise jeans and pants since I was in my twenties because high rises, as someone else mentioned very recently, feel like they hit pretty much under my bra. By the time the waist fits, the hips are ginormous. And when the wais "sort of" fits, it pushes all my squishy bits out above and below and well, just isn't the look i am after.

So, enough preamble. Here's what I said I was planning/hoping to find to carry me through fall and early winter:

  • Something to wear to a family wedding in October. Outfit and shoes -- I THINK the event will be outside in a tent, probably in the afternoon, so it opens up my options a bit. Might have something already that could do the job, but will still keep an eye out for something new.
  • A long puffer coat for cold temps. Haven't started looking in any seriousness yet.
  • Maybe new mitts and hat to go with the puffer. (Obvi waiting on the puffer...)

The wants:

  • white or off white jeans -- Tried on a few pair the other day. Found a DKNY pair on sale that fit on my body. but didn't flatter it, so no go. There's a pant at the Gap that appears to have potential, so might see the local mall has it in stock to try. Since white jeans might not work, I'm looking at other options for this fall and will ramp up the jeans search again as spring approaches.
  • A white sweater. -- I bought a creamy/light taupe sweater a couple of weeks ago. Not fine gauge but quite lightweight. Came close to buying a fine gauge knit top in a lovely sand colour yesterday, but it didn't pass the "raise the arms" test. I'm always keeping an eye out for white, but having light colours will help scratch that itch in the meantime.
  • A light taupe/tan combat type boot -- Not sure if this is going to materialize for me this year or not. I did at least get a pair of cognac sneakers, so I have one comfortable earthy footwear option. I may find that my more immediate need now is for a black combat boot. I almost bought an inexpensive pair of vegan Esprit boots as a "filler" yesterday. They had room for insoles, looked good, and at $40 bucks I wouldn't have to wear them a lot to get the value. I probably shouldn't have waffled. They would give me another footwear option -- and I honestly don't have many.
  • Maybe a pair of slightly dressy jogger style pants in olive or dark brown -- I picked up a pair of rayon camo joggers yesterday. This is VERY new territory for me, so I spent half last night looking online to see if these are ONLY the territory of the under-40 set.
  • Bold yellow sweater-- nothing yet. I did try on a bright yellow men's hoodie in ON. I felt I needed to compare with a size up but was too tired of shopping by then to take another trip back to the fitting room. I have a pair of yellow Docs and the right yellow sweater or sweatshirt would make for a cheeky pairing with just about anything else.

Along with the progress on my goals above, I bought a couple of wild cards:

  • Tahari lightweight (lyocell?) "jean jacket" in olive. I always covet a jean jacket, but in denim, they don't tend to flatter or feel comfortable on me. I prefer tops to be fluid. This gives me the look and supports my goal of reintroducing colour to my closet.
  • Tahari lightweight green turtleneck. I love t-necks. This will give me a bit of a twinset effect when paired with the jacket, adding a bit more spark to my existing black pants and skirts.
  • Lightweight fleece camo top. This felt so comfy the second I put it on, but I might not keep it now if I keep the camo joggers. How much camo does one middle aged woman need?!
  • A French Connection tunic length sweater with broad stripes of white, gray, camel, and black. Fits into the direction I am trying to go.

Knowing my goals is helping me stay somewhat focussed, but in a limited market, with fit challenges, limited time to shop, and an aversion to ordering things online that often have to go right back, I have to stay adaptable and open to opportunities that present themselves in my travels.

If you have stayed with me this far, thanks for indulging me. I'm getting pretty pumped about the olive capsule I inadvertently started to build. (I actually looked back at an old forum discussion from a year or so ago where I said i was interested in adding olive to my closet -- so consider that a semi-forgotten goal now resurfaced!

What about you? Are you laser focused until you find that one item, or do you find yourself "making do" or adapting as you see what's available and how it fits and flatters?

(The white Gap pants I want to try in finds below)