Yay for blending old & new and for those awesome white crops! Your poses made me smile

WOW! You look GREAT. All outfits a huge success! WELL DONE! Soooo nice to see you post again. Fab hair and specs as always.

LOVE the remixing of old and new.

My faves are #3, 4, 6, 10, 11 and 13. KILLER CUTE, and adorable

I don't know which outfit I love more!! (Plus, your poses are adorable!).

You look fantastic! Truly. I love love love the "twinset" and also the new sweaters. The wild card skirt is sensational! Did you tell us what it is yet? (I need to go back and read all the comments.) The white crops are fantastic on you. The sneakers. The whole thing!!

Winners, yet!!

Well, woman, you have tremendous style. It's so great to see you post again! Also, it was fun to see those yellow Docs make a reappearance.

These are great! Olive is Your Color! I like the cream a lot too!

I love #4 -- the yellow Docs are so fun and stylish.

Also love your twinset idea with the utility jacket. I'm going to copy that idea.

These are ALL great outfit concepts, you've got SKILLZ!

Thanks SO MUCH to all of you for the overwhelmingly kind comments. I know this was a lot, and I appreciate you taking the time to look and share your thoughts.

CocoLion - I hope you'll share photos of your version of the twinset. I hope the yellow Docs get some wear this year!

Suntiger - thank you. I do feel good in both cream and olive!

Suz - yep, Winners for the win. I have to admit I'm pretty excited about the skirt. I like nothing better than finding something that costs little but reads like more.

Thanks, Angie! I especially appreciate the nods to the camo outfits which are the most "out there" of this bunch for me.

SF -- I couldn't compete with your fabulous "jump" pose, but I did want to try to make things interesting to look at (and find the most flattering angles!) Glad they made you smile!

Echo - I think 9 and 10 are my faves, too. And the olive is making me pretty happy.

Slim cat and Star - Long live the long cardigan.

Rachy -- blush. Thanks.

Synne -- Diagnose away! I don't really know much about Kibbe, other than seeing the term here on the forum a few times. I know I've enjoyed seeing your outfits, but now I'll keep a different eye out trying to think about that style descriptor.

Bijou -- thank you, and done. Cream sweater was final sale and I can't imagine why I would return the skirt. I didn't know I needed it until I had it in my hand.

PP -- yes, I do have a lighter cardi that might also work, and I will definitely explore softer options. The black tee/black cardi "twinset" is a comfort zone for me -- and sometimes I just like the "toughness" of all black. Wanted to play that out with the camo pants and new combat boots. But I do love the justaposition of the softer sweaters with the "tough" pants and boots.

Shevia -- thanks for the hair love! I would not have imagined myself buying camo anything, quite frankly. Was not on my radar. And then the green jacket happened...

Vildy, Firecracker -- thank you for the affirmation on the stripes!

Brooklyn -- Thank you! Earth tones 4-evah!

Janet - thanks for the love to the camo with the yellow boots. It's so interesting to see how different looks resonate with different people!

Thanks, Helena -- I think I said it already, but I was pretty excited about the cream/toffee mix. (and now I am also hungry, for some reason LOL!)

RobinF - thank you. I thought the yellow boots might be a way to be a bit playful with the camo, and it sounds like it succeeded!

Bonnie, Jonesy -- thanks for the kind words!

Great outfits! My favorites are those with cream jeans and all olive ones
And your hair is awesome!