Hi ladies! My husband bought himself these fabulous All Saints trousers which ended up laughably small for him, so this morning he suggested I try them before sending them back... And I kind of really love them, am I crazy on this? They are slouchy without a belt/worn low on my hips (#1), and just a little baggy when pulled up higher and belted (#2).

The back view looks great to me but there is excess fabric in front since these are, after all, men's trousers, especially when worn low on my hips. I tried to emulate how it looks while in stride which is when it's most obvious (#3), though I was surprised to see that the excess looked much more severe in person than on camera (I'm half squatting in the far right photo of #3 to really exaggerate it, as that's how it felt in person heh). I can't decide if or how much this bothers me. Is it something that is alterable? Or do I even need to worry about it? If I do keep them, at the least they will need a dart in the waistband at the back (story of my pants life), and I would also likely taper the hems a bit more so that I'm not limited to only wearing pumps; and then there is the possible alteration to remove some of the excess fabric in front if that's an issue, and not sure how expensive that type of alteration is.

I do need to decide by tomorrow morning what to do with these, and will be showing hubby tonight for his opinion. What say you ladies, keep or return? Thanks!

EDIT: mostly-styled photos here : http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....ost-774720

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