I LOVE THESE PANTS ON YOU! I've been looking in the men's section of thrift stores for "young mens" pants cut just like this. I love the slouch. It's obvious to me that they are not ill-fitting women's pants, but that you stole them from your BF--err husband. My teen boys' jeans fit me a little better in the front than the back, but they are so wonderfully slouchy, while still being super-skinny, and I just love them.

Okay.having searched for slouchy pants forever (I mean FOREVER, long since before they were in style) I believe harem pants are not the only option for this type of fit. Yet it is extremely hard to find the right fit like Angie's pants and the silk pants we found for Rae. Unless these are a "stiff" (er. pun slightly intended) crotch fit, how are they different from Rae's silk checked pants?

This is definitely an acquired look and I have of course an irrational love for it, so consider that.

no time to read other comments - just wanted to say, "LOVE".

You *know* I am sensitive to the plum-smuggling look that can emerge when there is a too-long rise, but I love these! Especially belted. It looks like a Look - like you are actually slipping into men's pants & looking hot in them... not like you need to buy your Obviously-Made-For-Women pants with extra room for man parts. To me, the drape and the slim leg set them apart from lesser pants.

love the way the fit in the back, the front is a little off putting --but not a deal breaker.

maybe you could wear with a reverse half tuck (ie leave the front long and untucked and the back tucked to show the great fit)

Aida far from weird/offensive I am immensely flattered. So much so I am going to send you a weird/offensive virtual hug.

Love these on you, no problems with "plum-smuggling"! I'm tempted to look for a pair for myself!

I tried to ignore the other comments because my first reaction was that these look really great on you. That said, it is hard to tell fit and feeling from photos. How they feel is so important. I will be curious what Angie thinks of these.

You are not crazy! What's sexier than a lady wearing her man's trousers! I'm sure you're husband can answer that.. hope he doesnt feel too downgraded by your style, because I tell you this, those trousers look so smart, femenine and powerful. Enjoy them! you look fab.

Popping back in - I also looked again at Angie's men's inspired trousers and you are right, hers are more slouchy all over and not fitted. That having been said, I still LOVE these on you and still want you to keep them.

I am totally smitten with these on you! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

I know Angie is very busy and under the weather but I would ask her opinion and let it be the deciding word. She knows fit and style beter than anyone else!

Aida, how goes the decision making?

I was struck the first time by how gorgeous you look in these....but your report about the extra fabric up front got me worried that they might not be ideal.

And it is true, they are not as slouchy as Angie's super slouchy trousers.

But you know....there are lots of different ways to slouch, right? Or so it seems to me.

And looking at them again, how different are they from these ones that I might (or might not) keep? These pics are not the best quality and I hope to take better ones soon, but I think you get the idea. Like you, I am tempted towards these by gorgeous fabric and drape and workmanship; the brand is Noir, a Danish eco-label. Some list-mates did not see these as a slouchy pant. They really ARE, though, and Angie voted yay.

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Ah, I wasn't expecting such an even split opinion on these! After wearing them a bit more, I must update my description of them. I would not consider these proper slouchy trousers, though certainly dropped crotch sans belt; they are a bit too fitted on the hip and seat (not tight, but definitely fitted) to be properly slouchy, with extra ease in the back thigh and in the entire front but overall they are rather slim. So, kind of selectively slouchy because they do still have that vibe. And fabric feel/crafting is very good.

I looked at other pants of mine as Jenava suggested, and I think the rise issue is because my pants are generally higher in back than in front and these have the same rise front and back. In addition, Diana's comment got me thinking that one big difference in women's pants is the zip area generally stops well before the actual crotch point, even in slouchy trousers we have extra space below the zip. (Not slouchy but illustrates what I mean) These are button fly, and if they were 3 instead of 4 button I think they'd be perfect.

To my surprise, hubby deemed them "not that bad" but only "likes" how they look with an untucked fitted top (which obscures much of the front and crotch). I would, of course, like to wear them either tucked or untucked! They are rather pricy for me, though (hubby is a few steps past me quality wise, I still experiment too much) so I really want to make sure I'll wear them. I do wish I'd tried them before Angie's break, I would love to hear what she thinks >< Bah, I have a couple hours left to decide and am still not sure

Una, I think that Rae's silk pants and Angie's slouchy trousers are a bit different, Angie's are slouchy all over, with the trouser material emphasizing that. Rae is curvier so the silk works especially well because the fabric drapes and makes more of flowy slouch. I think you'd be able to wear this style of men's pants better than me, Una. My hourglass-tendency hips and butt are filling out too much of the pants to keep them slouchy. They're actually fitted-with-ease pants on me, much like Rae's silk pants were. I also have less androgyny in my style, which is probably part of my hesitation.

Suz, those look like great slouchy pants to me! How is the rise on them? Is there extra space at the bottom or does the zip bit go all the way down?

The zip does not go all the way down. There is extra space at the bottom (below the zip). Not a lot; a couple of inches. But the hip fits relatively snug. I can pull them up a bit to my waist, but they don't fall down without a belt. When they sit at my hips it seems like about an inch or inch and half of "dropped" material in the crotch. So I would say they are modified slouch. The roominess is mainly in the thigh and seat. So they are somewhere between Angie's two pairs of pants; the fitted-with-ease look of her "structured trouser" ensemble and the true slouchiness of her other pants.

ETA: I may not keep; they may be voted as not slouchy enough in the end. I am hoping to get better pics this weekend. But a part of me thinks for my size/ shape this is a good degree of slouch. Not an overwhelming amount, you know?

I like these but I'd prefer a pair without the extra crotch material. I vote return.

Thanks for the zip info Suz, that's what I thought it might be. Your pair does look properly slouchy to me, since the roominess is everywhere even though it'd not on the crazy slouchy end of the spectrum. I hear you on wanting something a little slimmer so it's not overwhelming, I think that's why my really slouchy Ann Taylor pants only got worn once last season and why this pair's almost-slouchy vibe appeals to me.

OK so I think hubby is right that longer tops are the way to go with these trousers, if I keep them. I put together some quick outfits off the top of my head. I am debating whether it's worth it for me to spend $150 + alterations (waist dart, hem tapering) for pants that I'd pretty much only style untucked with; the rise just feels too high on me when tucked, and the extra fabric when I pull the pants up higher looks worse than when it's low and slouchy. What do you ladies think after seeing some mostly-styled looks? The main stopping points for me are the price (it's high for me, especially for untucked only trousers), the very long rise, and that I don't have a lot of androgyny in my style (but I do love trousers). Selling points are the almost-slouchy fit, the beautiful drape/crafting and that I've been wanting charcoal trousers for a while. At the moment I'm leaning towards keeping, but I've only got another 2 hours or so to decide (4:30pm Pacitfic time) -_-

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I like them even better with the untucked and half tucked tops. The half tuck mirrors the slouch in a nice way. But then I liked the other series of outfits, too.

OK - I just kind of skimmed through the other responses and can see that you're getting votes for both sides, so I feel for you in trying to make a decision! IMO, the price, plus the fact that you think you'd only wear them with untucked tops, plus the alterations that you'd have to make - lead me to think they should be returned. HowEVER, I do know that feeling when you put something on and it just feels like magic to you - and you're in love and it doesn't matter how irrational it is, you know that item belongs to you - so . . . if you're feeling that way about them - I'd keep!

This might be expensive for you but perhaps it s one step to a wardrobe upgrade? I still love them on you.

I like this second set too but I feel some of the slouch is deemphasized - so I like the tucked one best because I want to see the slouch!

Well I misread the return policy, so it looks like I have another day or two to mull this over. I hopped over to AS to see if they offer this pant in a women's cut, but no luck there. Still hemming and hawing -_-

Marley, YES that is just how I feel! It doesn't happen to me often if ever, which is why I'm a bit confused

Una, I don't mind emphasizing slouch, but the rise on these is just too long for me to wrap my brain around (and I have a long rise to begin with!). Which is why I'm preferring the longer tops; plus the pants aren't _really_ a proper slouchy pant (I explained it above). It's kind of weird. I think they really are a tailored/fitted pant, that happen to also have a little slouch.

Ha, I actually like the tucked outfit the best (#4). I also think that one is marvelous because you took the androgyny and ran with it all the way.
I definitely have no business providing advice here, tada!
I'm clearly the outlier today, for most of all the posts I have commented on ... sigh....

I think there are just too many exceptions! BUT, I think this should be a sign that you need to hunt for the perfect pair of menswear charcoal dress pants! On, oh, say Dec 1 at the YLF Seattle meetup??

ETA - just read your response to Marley. FWIW, I still love them and think you could also wear them with tucked tops. I kind of like the slouch crotch...makes it seems more girl wearing men's pants to me, which I think is cool.

Hah Zap! When I did that tucked look I thought, "Wow this doesn't feel like me but I know that it looks fine". Though I did feel better once I added the 4" pumps Perhaps I need to adjust my brain!

Jenava, I have been starting to think that too! And then I think, but what if these are really "my pair", especially because I love that they're a little different? *sigh*

Well, I still really like them on you too, both tucked and untucked. Totally into the girls wearing boys pants thing

Yep. Still love them. To be completely honest, I like them best tucked but they also look great untucked.

I am surprised by all the yay votes! I think you would look divine in Angie-style slouchy trousers, but these are not they! (Which, skimming through the thread, is an agreed upon point.)

They just don't seem special/transforming enough to justify the (major?) alterations needed to fix the unfortunate crotch issue. Maybe I skimmed too fast, and missed the magic of these pants.

I am not a huge fan of slouchy pants in general but I think these look really great on you. I like the tucked look better but untucked looks really good too. They are pricey though so you might want to find some that are even more perfect for you if you plan on spending that much. They do look great on you!

I vote return these in this size, Aida. They look best with a tucked in top and your hands in your pockets - which completey adjusts the fit. Case in point. They are just not intentionally slouchy. Off on the hip, bottom and thigh.

I would try these a size up. That could be the answer. A roomier fit all round.

*back on official arm resting leave*