These are representative of the look I'd like to achieve. Whether it's achievable on a non-model body is something to consider, as is how current this look is.

What I'm looking for: ease through the leg (not fitted or stretchy), mid rise (maybe a high rise ? haven't tried any on yet) , medium blue, tiny bit of distressing is ok, but no rips or anything distracting, no stretch (or very little). I wear about a 29 or 30 from GAP, depending on the cut, but when I get into looser fit styles, if they are fluid through the thighs, they are then far too big in the waist and crotch. I suppose I'm fairly apple shaped .

I talked to a friend about this today, who disagreed with me about the stretch factor and skinny jeans. She argues they are far more flattering than boyfriend fit jeans. Mind you , she's the one who got me buying JAG jeans, so who knows. I just know I don't want that kind of fabric.

Factors to consider:

1. I have a mental block toward premium/designer denim. Intellectually, I get that they are worth the price if you find a fantastic pair, but I'm not over that hurdle yet. Canadian premium denim prices are a LOT higher than what you are used to seeing in the US, and free shipping and returns are not a given. Therefore, no mass ordering and experimenting. I have one pair of JBrand jeans and one from CE , so I'm not a total neophyte but they aren't so fantastic that I'd buy them again at full price. Both are skinnies with stretch.

2.This (wanting a mid level price) is where I'm hitting a wall though, as GAP is not doing a boyfriend jean anymore, and isn't offering anything new right now. Levi's The Wedgie (that name!) runs as high as $175 (although prices seem all over the place) - so they would have to be pretty spectacular to warrant that price.

3. The one benefit to stretch skinnies is that they have a spanx effect - which is good for my midsection - but again, it's not a look I care for now.


1. are men's jeans a possible alternative?
2. am I barking up the wrong tree with the look I think I want?

Angie suggested I start this thread, but I feel that with our different Canadian market, and what I am (not) willing to spend, this might not be relevant to many of you. But if you have thoughts, or any commentary on what is really new in jeans, I'm all ears.