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The white Gap Girlfriends look pretty much like the Pilcro's that Janet posted on me. Definitely not slim or skinny. I think it depends on the fabric content. These are 98% cotton.

I don't know if these got a mention but I just picked up two pairs (in different sizes for different looks and my changing weight) of these and I'm quite pleased. They do fit VERY large - my smaller pair is labelled 28/6 when I'm typically a 12. 98% cotton. They also had a 98% cotton white jean in a slimmer fit which had potential but were a bit sausage casing on me (still better/thicker than other fitted white denim options I have tried, and if it wasn't my imagination, ever so slightly off white rather than the true optical white that I'm kind of over in denim).

That's interesting , Jules. I find the opposite in terms of sizing, and usually have to size up . I've never had good luck with their jeans though - the cut isn't right for me. Glad you got some good deals though

I don't find they have a consistent body type fit like some other brands - most of their typically ungenerous slim fit jeans don't work for me either, but other cuts have over the years (trouser jeans etc). Anyway, these are a loose boyfriend cut but also definitely sized differently than other items- I picked up chinos in a size 10 as well which are a good fit, and have never been a 6 in my life!!! The size "8" pair hang off my hips.
Sadly, I realized that probably one of the reasons I've always loved low hanging jeans is that they make me feel like I've lost weight.

My suggestion and my favorite jeans are vintage straight leg Levis. I find them at thrift shops and vintage shops. Even if you have to pay to have them altered, you'll have a great pair of jeans for a fraction of the cost of the fancy brands. I own a few pair of expensive jeans and they look cheap next to my vintage Levis. BTW, I suspect the girl in your third link (LA Cool & Chic) is wearing vintage Levis.

Yes! Men's jeans are an alternative. That's where I find most of mine.:D

Personally, I only like spandex in jeans if they're skinnies. Otherwise, I think classic denim just looks nicer and ages beautifully. Since you mentioned that you like the spanx effect, why not just wear a spanx? I do, under just about everything. Personally, I think they make everyone (no matter what size) look better by smoothing out the lumps.

This video may be helpful.


Good luck with your search!