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The problem I’m seeing with some of the jeans that seem to look like this in model photos is that they turn into mom jeans on my body, and not in a good way. Surely I am not alone in that! I need to find this kind of style in a MID rise, not high.

2 more...and these are a total wildcard...i'm thinking they could either be totally perfect or totally awful
(wouldn't let me add a find of the of the pair pictured below)

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Coming back to say I've got two pairs of the new Everlane straight legs on the way, "my" size and one size up. I'll report when they arrive. I've already tried the Skinny and the Boyfriend, but rejected both. The skinnies were just too tight from the knees down. The boyfriends had that typical big/blocky waist and hip coupled with too much taper through knees and calves, not a good look on me... I'm always looking for a waist:calf ratio that has become a total unicorn. But then my legs do not taper below the knee, they flare out. Straights read as relaxed skinnies on me.

I'll also say, the only way I ever get the "relaxed" look in the legs is by wearing the jeans for a couple days and not washing until absolutely necessary. Especially true with the all-cotton ones...

(WOW. Levis are a relatively inexpensive brand in the US. Crazy).

If we are NOT talking premium, I'm nodding along with Shevia, La Ped, kkards, Aliona and Toban.

Adding some other styles too.

Angie - most Levi's are in the mid-price range here too. I think I may have clicked a link to a dodgy reseller. The Wedgies seem to be around $100 Cdn. Thanks for adding these suggestions : the one pair of jeans that I do like and that fit decently well are Kut Katherines from 5-6 years ago . I think they are the boyfriend fit, but fit like straights on me now. They aren't a good length though , and have a released hem that looks pretty dated now. I do have that body shape were I can make a BF jean look like a straight leg - think pregnancy fit....which leads me to another idea - maternity jeans?

kkards - YES - the right look. I have never had an LLBean anything, ever....will go look to see what the shipping situation is like. Thanks!

Ah - I'm feeling overwhelmed. Really overwhelmed. And somewhat discouraged. This seems like it's going to be a real project, and I don't know how up for it I am. How do you all manage the time it takes to shop, order, try on, return, shop again, try on again etc and not lose your minds? Stepping away for a few hours to clean my house Thanks, and I'll be back later this aft.

I am reading this thread with interest because I've been on a similar search - not skinnies, not overly distressed, preferably full-length and like Janet I can't do the high-rise, it looks awful and is uncomfortable. They are thin on the ground even here in the US, if that's any comfort - everything's lycra-ful and/or cropped.

I was going to suggest Madewell; I'm going to try one of their jeans soon since they've extended their sizing.

I'm intrigued by the idea of mens' jeans - I've tried this before as a teenager back in the dark ages, and it worked surprisingly well on a curvy lower half as a hip-slung look, but that was the 90s when even men's cuts were a lot looser than they are now.

Jeans shopping really is a project. For everyone, pretty much. And then, as Chris says, even if you find the holy grail, they discontinue it/ change the fabrication/ or your own needs change.

I'm with Shevia -- the only thing for it is a few massive try on sessions. That takes time and courage, for sure. I get it. That's why I lay out for premium -- because I've found two premium brands that reliably fit/ have fabrications that work for me and this saves me a lot of aggravation (especially if I look for sales). But my situation's different in that jeans are also my every day wear, so they get a lot of use; they're not just for weekends. That makes the CPW more reasonable.

It looks like #2 in your examples is a BF or GF jean and the others are rolled straights.

I'd try some Kuts if you can find them. They're a good mid-priced brand with possibilities.

I think the BR jeans below with released hems will not feel current enough but maybe the style comes without that kind of hem? It's a new cut for them I think.

Kkards already showed the Gap ones but there they are again...I haven't tried them so can't vouch for them.

I think the look you want is achievable (and would be fabulous on you!). But I admit, it's not an easy find. This is because bodies are all so different. Sizing up works for some women, and not others. Or it works with one style of jean, and not another. Ditto, sizing down.

For me, a slim or sized down BF provides something closest to the look you are after -- on my body. That's because my thighs are bigger -- so I tend to need extra ease there to create that relaxed vibe. That's probably why CocoLion also recommended BFs. She's got similar body type modifiers there to me. You, on the other hand, have fabulous slim legs so you might not need the extra material in that area -- for you, a straight might be the answer.

Lisa - another big thumbs up for the gap girlfriend jeans and chinos. I was a huge Lucky shopper until they changed their material. I am still wearing old jeans and will cry when they go. Other than the CE let out the hem love jeans I don't own premium denim. I love the gap girlfriend. I usually size up for a truly slouchy fit, except I just bought the black jeans below and they ran huge and I returned for my regular size. In addition, the girlfriend chino are great too. They have the tuxedo stripe, usually self colored, which reminds me of the Vince strapping pants that I think we both have. I notice the green and thought of you. The washed black were added to my collection which includes an army green and denim blue for when I'm not in the mood for jeans. They used to have their always skinny and I did always size up for a slouchy skinny fit. I have not tried the new skinny jeans on, I don't like stretch denim so I will be interested in what you find.

I went to a b&m store yesterday, a rare occurance for me, and tried the BR girlfriends. They were med-light wash with unfinished hem, shown cuffed. They looked like the examples you posted on me if sized up. They did have a bit of stretch. But the hem would be easy to adjust by hacking or cuffing and the legs were easy fitting and straight. The usual 40% off deals make them reasonable, at least in the US..... I’m tired of premium denim as well, but I think maybe it’s because I fall for the trendy ones and then am surprised when I tire of the style. The girlfriends seem very versatile. I also love kut Catherine’s but feel this years model at a local boutique didn’t fit me as well, too large in the waist, but when size down are too snug in the hips.

I know this sounds crazy, but since I moved to Arizona I started riding western style and the best fitting jeans on the saddle and off for me are the "Wrangler Women's Cowboy Cut Natural Fit Jeans", 98 percent cotton and 2 elastine. Under $50. So comfy and make your legs and butt look so good any cowboy would take a second look. LOL

Here’s a crazy find. I just tried on a half dozen jeans at the Rack and they were all wrong, but popped into Old Navy, where I haven’t shopped in years. They have a Boyfriend Straight that is 99% cotton 1% elastane so very little stretch. They have a mid rise too. I sized down a size because they looked big (I normally take a 30 in jeans and the 8 fits). They have a reasonably easy fit from hip down to hem — the calves do not taper as much as my old BF jeans. They’re short so I could only wear them rolled, but I bought them because, what the heck, they’re $28 on sale! If I end up not liking them, they’ll be ranch jeans. There are a few washes including one fairly uniform mid wash with no distressing or holes.

Leave no retail stone unturned.

The sizing of the Levi’s wedgies is all over the place depending on the fabric, for what it’s worth. I have a pair in my usual size that’s a bit big, and I tried on a different wash and had to go up two sizes.

Greyscale - why on-line ordering is so dodgy. The Wedgie must be considered too fashion -forward for Winnipeg. Haven't seen it anywhere.

Janet - I've looked at ON, but I'll give it a closer look. Thanks.

Linder - you kill me. Why don't we see you on the forum?? I last wore Wranglers in Grade 7. I just couldn't with that W back pocket . But I bet it's sexy out there in the desert

kikidee - BR always has nice looking jeans, don't they? I given up on them though - they have never fit . None of their pants do.

gryffin- oh if it only were so simple! If you can believe it, Gap Canada is out of stock (and has been for a few weeks now) of Girlfriends in every size. They do have those cute olive/navy ones in stock and I lust after them every time I see them. The drawstring waist scared me away, but perhaps I should take a shot of vodka, and take them into the dressing room. I'm wondering if this is the beginning of the end for GAP. The only jeans stocked here now are versions of the skinnies and the jegging. No BF's, no straight legs, no curvy fit etc. The store is beyond abysmal now.

Suz - I'd have no problem shelling out for premium denim if I found the right pair (well, up to a certain price point) because I do wear them all the time too. BF's are really what I would like, but they aren't around much now it seems. Girlfriends and straights (no much diff on me) are basically looser skinnies. I do like the one pair of Kuts I have, and they just might be what I have to go back to. I wish I had a trip to Calgary coming up so that I could do a Nordstrom run...

Laura - sounds like you and I are on the same wavelength. I might just try on a mens pair - out of curiosity- and will check out Madewell's Cdn pricing. Thanks for the tip.

We need a save draft option when writing . I wonder if it's already been asked about?

Lynette - Angie recommends this style too, and yes, we can order from Boden. It will be a last resort though - I've never tried on anything from this label and hesitate to order a bunch of denim from an unknown . It ties up a lot of $ for quite awhile to do it that way.

Brooklyn - I don't think it's the same brand. The JAG I'm referring to is US owned but actually made here in Winnipeg.

Jussie - thanks - I've tried the odd pair from INC in past years, but they aren't really my style. They tend to have embroidery or embellished back pockets etc. The Style & Co ones look good though, and that label is stocked here by Hudson Bay. I'll take a closer look at them!

Kerry - thank you ! The Simons ones look good . Funny, for a Canadian chain, I've never seen nor ordered anything from them. Had to shake my head at the Aritzia offerings of the Levi's Wedgie. They top out at a size 30, which really is telling. I'm not their target customer, obviously.

SarahD8 - you've made a good observation , and yes, most of the time I do dress my jeans up more. But I still want to be able to wear them with sneakers or flat shoes and not have to be so dressed up...

shevia - *claps hands over ears*. I know, I know. I HATE trying things on in stores. I get hot, dishevelled, and depressed. What I am going to do though is check out second hand stores - for some older cuts that I will want to wear.

Sal - thanks - Mavi is worth checking out again. Haven't' had a pair of those in years.

Carla - in your honour, I popped into MWWH yesterday, and their jeans selection was pretty meager. Levi's in odd washes and with stretch, Silver jeans with all of the pocket embellishments , and their own brand which did look promising, but nothing there in my size. And I have to check out these new Wranglers (there's a blast from the past). Thanks.

marble - thanks , yes, I've had the odd pair from H&M but they were 2-3 wear losses. Fit is off for me.

Janet - you're not the first to recommend Lucky, and they even have a store here in our good mall, which I never go in to. Always struck me as not my look. If the store is still there (you never know these days) , I'll pop in and have a look. I just remember my daughter buying jeans there in grade 9 or 10 ....

Elly - good ideas here, and another vote for Madewell... gotta check them out!

Deborah - I agree that the straight leg look is more sophisticated, but any I've tried on are essentially skinnies with a wider hem. I seem to have a very strange body.

Denise - thanks for those two recs - I like both, but they run pretty high price wise in Canada, and I'd prefer to spend a whole lot less.

SF - not familiar with Mott & Bow - where did you find out about them? I'll take a look! And I guess I have to join the 21stC and start looking at eBay

LaP - thank you . The Madewell's you mention (and Angie too ) are describe as ultra high-waisted. Ha. I'm 56, not 26 .So, as cute as they are, I don't see it happening ...

I hear you. There is a lot of premium denim that is just sausage casing skinny and therefore not at all what you want. For premium, I stalk sales, -- I stock up at NAS if I can and before I boycotted the Bay, on BayDays (occasionally they have a style I like!) and even Aritzia and Club Monaco do CoH (though usually not the style i want in the size I want, on sale, but always worth a look).

I still wear non-premium denim, too, and some of my best jeans have been non-premium. This is why try-ons are key. My favourite non premium denim has been from Kut, BR and occasionally, Gap. But you are right that the Canadian Gap has fewer options. I'll bet a US friend could help out with that, though? If you can try on the style (even in the wrong size) you will get a sense of whether the right size could work.

How about American Eagle? I haven't tried them much but a few forum members swear by them. I always think it is a store for teenagers but you never know...

And Mango. The YLF widget wouldn't let me collect...and I am not sure how any of these fit or feel because I've never tried...but...

And in the spirit of leaving no retail stone unturned, how about Eddie Bauer:;sizety=

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Just want to mention I have had the best luck at Target to be honest. I’ve had some fantastic jeans from there. Do you have Target in Canada? I also have found a couple of good pairs at Zara, usually I size up 1-2 sizes in a skinny or slim, and it ends up being a nice “medium” fit, probably what I’d call a slim girlfriend. Of course some of their stuff is no good at all too.
Also what I like to do is by two pairs the same, one in my “proper” jeans size, you know, fairly fitted, then buy a pair in the size up, for days when I want to be more comfy or when I’m wearing a more fitted garment on top, just to balance it out. I don’t think one pair of jeans can meet all my needs, and because I buy such cheap jeans I can afford to get two sizes at a time.

Well, I never thought I’d buy a stretchy jean, but I had to eat my words when I tried on a pair of these housebrand Simons jeans a few weeks ago

Free shipping, reasonable price, minimal knee bagging, and a good fit. And I’m dyed-in-the-wool cotton jean “girl” of 68 who detests the look of sausage casing skinny jeans.

I have found premium denim ( Paige, AG, CofH, Hudson) thrifting, so at very reasonable prices. It does mean trying lots on and maybe shopping with a tape measure, but can be worth it. I find it most quickly by feel, then look at the size. Try on jeans you like even if you don’t think that they are your size. There will be lots of Wranglers. I think Walmart sells that brand. Have you tried Anthropologie? My favorite jeans are their brand.

Gaylene - hi! Ok, I just put those jeans in a shopping cart. They look good! I"m going on your recommendation alone

Joy - I've had one pair from Anthro - Pilcro label- and they were ok, but had far too much stretch. All they are stocking right now are skinnies anyways.

Many of the styles here remind me of APC jeans—have you tried them? The fabric is on the stiffer side.

I just wanted to echo LP’s comment about the same jean model having different cuts depending on the season and colour. I learned this the hard way when purchasing a pair of R&B Dre jeans from eBay that turned out to be super skinny, when the ones I had were BF.

That said, I would look at websites like FarFetch, particularly during sale season. I’m not sure if the mark-up is necessarily as high as goods imported directly from the US, and the original price of items from these sites varies depending on the sale country of origin.

I like the look you're going for and I hope you can find a few pairs to try. I have a pair of jeans from 5 or 6 years ago that look like what you want but I'm sure the style has changed by now.

I'm a terrible shopper so I can't help with the shopping but your comment about JAG jeans made me laugh. I have 3 pairs and they're my favorite jeans ever - so comfy!

Ok, based on all these comments about Wranglers and men's sizes and classic Levis, I'm gonna go check out the stock at the local Tractor Supply, and maybe Rural King!

Following this with interest... I love that look Lisa, and feel it's a look I've always wanted, while experimenting with other jeans silhouettes as well. I think you will rock it, once you find your pair.

Kicking myself - I walked past Simons several times on the weekend, but didn't go in. I do like the look of the ones Gaylene recommended.

And LOL Laura.

I was on a 2 day shopping trip very recently and spent hours in the West Edmonton Mall.
Some jeans observations (at retail):
Skinnies abound!! I am somewhat dismayed at just how prevalent they are.
Marks Work Wearhouse had some Kut jeans! They’re in the 120 price range if I remember correctly. They also have some of the original Levi’s jeans. Look for the wider stitching on the back pocket. (Attaching pic for reference).
I found these jeans at the Bay but I have seen (and tried) them at MWWH too.
There are rare sightings of jeans that are a truer denim, however, polyester seems to be added more often than what I have seen in the past. I’m not sure what to make of that...

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I love a good stretchy skinny in winter but also look for a looser, mostly cotton content jean for the warmer months. Old Navy does have the occasional 99% cotton jean. I have a pair from 5+ years ago that I am wearing right now. The Boyfriend straight looks good to me, but unfortunately the non distressed wash is sold out in most sizes right now.

Gonna check out Simons as well, I already order home decor items from them.

I didn't have time to read all the replies but I will say this - sometimes I find that I have to just go with fit/feel and try to put aside my "ideal" look in exchange for practical fit/cost. My three current favorite jeans are all well under $100 (one pair was COH $22 on ebay). Each is different in the color wash, rise and even fabrication. One is Gap, darker wash, lighter weight, very little stretch (maybe 1%). The COHs are mid wash, slightly lower rise than my ideal, but they are flattering, the fit is slim, straight I guess and can be cuffed or left down. The last is KUT - maybe the same Catherines slim BF I think you already have. I have others but reach for these three the most. The Gaps ($35 on sale if I remember) do stretch out a bit on wearing, but they are extremely comfortable and high waist enough to wear with slighty cropped tops.

I kind of wish I would not have hacked some of my Levis from years ago into shorts (though I still wear them regularly). They are the type of jean you are showing. But they are a little heavier weight for my climate so they seemed a bit too hot. They were the demi curve straight style in a med light wash. Probably around $50 on sale at the time.

Oh, I almost forgot I did have luck in the past with AE jeans - even though they are now a bit lower rise than I prefer.

Lisa it seems you and I are on the same fashion wavelength. I too am in search of jeans to fit my 'new' (two sizes bigger) body. I finally succumbed to jeggings because a) they fit and b) they are comfortable and forgiving on my fussy tummy area. But I looked at a WIW I posted here recently and ack! I just cannot abide them on me.

I am curvy and so men's jeans don't fit; I am watching this thread keenly for options available in Canada that I can return that do not break the bank. In the meantime, I'm finding dress pants with a looser cut (not tight in the rear) look elegant and more current on me, so I am wearing those (though even those are limited in my closet at my current size...)

Tina - great jeans on you, but you're killing me with your size 25's. Of course they look great!

There has to be a gap in the market for retail in Canada.... I live in a city of 120,000 (with lots of smaller towns in the area too, commuter towns, lifestyle blocks etc)

In my city we have:

  • one specialist jeans retailer selling top end brands - at least 10 brands including LTB, Nobody, Superdry.
  • about five-six boutiques selling jeans (Paige, Nobody, Zhrill, Mavi, CoH etc)
  • Six or seven chain stores with their own jeans - some of which are really good (Country Road, Witchery, Max),
  • two chain stores selling their own jeans plus other brands (Just Jeans and Jeans West - sell Lee, Levis etc)
  • Cheaper stores with their own jeans (places like Glassons, Dotti,)
  • Several cheap department stores that sell denim (K Mart etc)

Given how much Canadians wear jeans - it is surprising there are so few options in these larger cities.

Our downside is that once you get over about a 33-34 the range is much less, and petites and talls are hard to come by. And the price is really high. CoH rocket high rise skinny are $495 NZD....Mother denim sits around $300. A NZD= 92c CAD today. Cheaper jeans might sit around the $50 mark, I expect to pay $150-$250 in the most part.