• As Beth Ann rightly assessed, JACKETS are having their fashion moment, and especially BLAZERS. Statement knitwear takes a back seat - which is why things are looking quite "basic" in the knitwear dept.
  • I have SOOO missed wearing fun blazers, which is why I got two and they're already workhorses - see Finds. (The dots are ink blue - not grey). Tailored, polished, pulled together, different and versatile. I was STARVING for these items in my style, I guess. 
  • This means you have to have the right TOPS to wear underneath them, as Gryffin and Lisa p rightly added in the blog post today. I will blog about that. 
  • And lastly about Boden jackets. The quality absolutely blows me away. The inside is a work to art. I'm getting frustrated with inferior quality at lower price points and simply want something that is well made and tickles my fancy - and will gladly pay for it. I'm not looking to have my bread buttered on both sides. So much of the designer wear seems extra expensive at the moment - (it's hectic) - and not very playful, or in black and grey (not what I'm looking for). It's a BREATH OF FRESH AIR recieving the Boden jackets all exquisitely packaged, and melting over the way the garments are made - and it costing much less than a designer blazer. 
ETA: And bless Boden for going up to size US18. 

And those are my inane musings today. Running off to work with a client. 

Velvet Emilia Blazer
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