Angie, I love your blazer and how you have styled it! This picture makes me happy to see.

Your blazer looks lovely Angie. Such vibrant colours. I do so agree with you about Boden jackets, well made and good value.

I'm getting more and more excited by the day, as we are soon to have a Boden open near where I work and it will be nice to see and touch before buying sometimes.

I noted that, Angie. I was thinking that the olive green tone makes it work.

Really lovely look, Angie. Add me to the list of those who love blazers.....and structure.

Re Canada......Boden offers free shipping on orders over $165. Flat rate of $17 if less. They currently have 10% off with code GE17. Prices are in CDN dollars and duty is built in to that price.
Would love to hear from any Canadians familiar with their return process and the cost.

I can see why you like it! Kind of a retro floral vibe but tailored; colors include about all of your signature happy bright colors plus the calming neutral olive! Though the floral is a statement, the vibe will be different with different base colors and accessory pops.

Love your outfit and your enthusiasm for boden is infectious. They're at the top, top, top of my list.

I loved the blazer in the blog, but I love it even more on you. I'm going to have to check out boden after this rave review

Thanks for the kind words, ladies. And for giving Boden a chance.

Fashiontern, a suit jacket is usually a blazer. It’s a specific silhouette. Thinks menswear blazer.

Barbara Diane, I hope the blouse works out.

Mac, Cindy and Kari, you’re honies.

Joyce, hmmmm. I’m inclined to say a 6R or 8P. YES. The jacket works well without the column of colour.

Gryffin, YES. You can have my black and grey. Let me know what you think of the WHBM blazer. I’m very curious. And blazer tops can be tricky - especially when you don’t wear tees (which I don’t). Satin shells are beautiful for dressy.

Christina, got it.

Isabelle, thanks for the kind words. (You wear a suit blazer 4 days a week, actually!) And can you please organize some quality designer pieces. Speak to the quality angels?

Jane, you get my Boden love. High five. OOOOH. A Boden store close by. I’m coming over.

Scarlet, great. Your turn to pattern mix.

Marilyn, go Team Structured Blazers. Sorry to hear about the Boden shipping costs. It’s free to the US.

unfrumped, nice assessment.

Smittie, you crack me up.

I didn't get the chance to comment on your blog, but thanks for the great jacket options. I had hoped the JCrew sweater jacket I ordered might do as my casual topper, but it was not fab. I will strongly consider some of your suggestions.

I also favor blazers over cardigans - structure and pockets! Your floral Boden blazer is splendid! So nice to see you!

You look gorgeous in that blazer. WOW!

I have been thinking about a floral blazer too. So fun!

This is a trend that definitely interests and intrigues me. When I lived in Minnesota I had a sizable blazer collection. After moving to the South, those blazers became my winter outwear. As they wore out, I didn't see the need to replace them. I am currently down to two blazers (both of which are only worn during our very limited winter months).

I would really like to purchase new blazers of assorted colors and styles because I love the look, but I am torn. I don't need any more outerwear and I can't imagine wearing them indoors.

Still blazers are now on my radar. Should I find some that meet my needs, I will pounce immediately.

Thanks for sharing more details about Boden jackets! When I was a teen, my mother went back to work as the owner of a lovely gift store (You would have dropped in, I'm sure, to pick up presents for your boys). Mom bought suits from the shop down the street -- the kind of establishment that's gone now, where the owner goes to buy in NY with the measurements of her customers in her purse, knowing their closets by heart. I remember the quality of those items, and how sharp my mother looked in them. It sounds like Boden is working to keep a bit of this quality alive! I've found myself liking their website far better than any other. The only probem? I"m stuck in a very casual life at the moment........I need to do some shift in process......

Wow this is beautiful on you! I love the structure that a blazer adds to an outfit. This is a fabulous piece.

Bijou & Brooklyn, thank you and waving to Oz.

Beth Ann, you are full of great stories and are delightful.

Sterling, blazers come in all sorts of weights. A lightweight one could work in your climate.

Jaime, big hug back.

Meredith, yeah, the J.Crew sweater jacket did not impress me. You need more structure.

As I said in your blog post I am loving the choices in blazers this year. My work dress code went casual a few years ago and I am uncomfortable with how casual my work wardrobe has become. I've decided adding a couple blazers is a great way dress it up a bit. I'm thinking about trying the Boden blazer in either the flowered pattern or the pink. Do I remember you saying the sleeves run narrow? I have trouble with jacket sleeves being too tight anyways so I'm thinking I might size up in a petite. (I'm also thinking about trying the Boden military jacket.)

I was coveting that blazer in my catalog but am even more so, seeing you in it.
That looks dazzling. So bright and vivid and fun! Looks really pretty on you.

I love the outfit on you, Angie. The blazer is super fun and nobody wears tomato red as well as you do.

I'm happy to hear that blazers are having a moment, I haven't added one in at least a year or longer because they selection was poor and the fit even worse. And a fun new blazer here too!

You look amazing in that blazer, Angie. Just glowing. LOVE it with the red!!! I am even more tempted than I was before. As Marilyn said, shipping is currently free to Canada with a large enough order in $ but returns would not be free (nor easy) so I am leery about sizing. I'm going to check on the forum this weekend and see what people say. La Ped might be a good help here since she is about my height and a not dissimilar build.

One reason the floral velvet looks so great on you is the way the pattern is very close in size/ shape to your eyes. I have discovered that whenever a pattern's shape reflects the shape of my own features, it works almost like a colour-match with eyes or hair -- there's an instant feeling of harmony and "rightness."

I adore blazers and have never gone "off" them -- they are my big, big love. Last year's purchase was a brightly coloured one (the J. Crew -- I still want to switch out the gold buttons on that one but it's such a fun addition to the wardrobe even if the cut is a bit more staid than I might wish). I still have my very well worn (and beginning to show wear) Reiss, plus my taupe suit jacket. And a shorter black tux jacket that travels well.

My goal this year was to add a patterned jacket. I was thinking maybe houndstooth or plaid, but haven't seen one I like. So I am seriously considering at least one of the two Bodens you got.

Suz - what a gorgeous jacket collection you have!! That's a really interesting observation about pattern size and eye shape/size. I never notice that but I do wear more texture than pattern. But it makes perfect sense. Something Imogen would point out. I posted the outfit below for Tanya's consideration but I know how much you love blue and so I attached the BR suit for your consideration. I really like the Boden Mirabelle blazer too. Very elegant but fun and unique!!

gryffin, smiling because I had already collected that BR jacket! I love that tone of blue! I looked at it in store and I wasn't as confident about the quality. I didn't have time to try on but the wool felt a bit on the scratchy side. I may still go back and reconsider it. I need a real city shopping trip soon -- this was in the midst of getting the child ready for a big trip so my priorities were on child vs. my wardrobe, for a wonder.

Yes I saw that suit too and the wool was scratchy. There is a little vest in the same though! (Less opportunity to scratch.) I thought that was pretty fun. Maybe under a jean jacket (or is that crazy)?

Gryffin, good suggestion for Suz, - excellent colour for her. But in person, that suit is not up to scratch, Fit is not so fab, and quality a little dubious. (Blast. Now I can't settle for anything worse than my Bodens and Smythes - *sigh*).

Suz, thanks for the kind words. Both new blazers are workhorses already. I'm SOOO pleased. Patterned jackets were just what I needed to feel refreshed. Very interesting analogy about pattern size. This might be my ONLY pattern that is the size of my eyes in my wardrone! La Ped will be a great person to compare Boden sizes with - and I hope things work out. I can see you match plaids and stripes with the polka dots. Let me know if I can help. (And I'll talk about you and dresses with tall boots later).

Jlpp, Tanya and Lisa, thanks for the kind words.

AviahMariah, the sleeves do NOT run narrow on these blazers. They ran narrow on the Boden velvet coat.

A little late on this party but another Blazer lover here (since high school). I have to say Angie your floral Blazer is drop dead gorgeous on you. If I did not already have so many in my "collection" I would scoop it up in a second. You look fabulous, colorful and joyful in that blazer. Suz your observation about the pattern and one's facial features is incredible. You have me thinking/processing that observation, never occurred to me. Go team Blazers

some of my fav's below.

Angie - I know exactly what you mean. I'm totally spoiled now. MK Collection, old HL, Theory, Smythe, KS, VB, even the tailored EF. There is no going back. Although I keep an open mind. The Gibson was incredible for the price point. That's why I ordered the WHBM on your suggestion. Once you worn a blazer that really fits plumb, gorgeous fabrics that don't crease and drape and hold shape, when you've experienced fine tailoring it's really tough to settle. Fortunately I have enough jackets that I can be picky. Good ones are worth the wait. Shame about the BR. It's very pretty.

YES, Gryffin. Nodding along to your comment. I'm not brand conscious - I'm QUALITY conscious. The WHBM jacket quality is amazing - wait till you see it. And that old Gibson riding jacket was sublime. I WISH they would repeat the style. Zara can throw in a gorgeous quality piece from time to time too. You simply have to be discerning about quality - take it one item at a time.

mntsofthemoon, you have a fab blazer collection. Would love to see you in the first patterned one.

Angie, I tried on the WHBM jacket. I am such a poor judge of jacket fit. What do you think? Apologies for the terrible photo, but lighting in the store was awful and dressing room hectic, so I just snapped a quick one (also wearing a too-large tshirt from the dressing room, not my own top).

Meredith, from what I can see - fabulous. Looks dead right. Does it feel right?

Ok, thank you. Yes, it feels right. I was just surprised by the sizing.