Just popping in to ask for recommendations for lightweight, short- or cap-sleeved button-down or popover-style collared tops.

I'm interested in this sort of thing especially for online meetings, where the neckline/collar can add visual interest while covering my shoulders and allowing me to stay cool in the summer heat. Machine washable essential!

Adding a couple Finds as inspo, but if you have any direct experience or recs, let me know! THANKS SO MUCH!


Thanks to everyone for your comments and advice below. I ended up finding a very nice linen version by the company DL 1961 through Shophop (below in Finds). I've worn their jeans before and always like the quality, so I thought it was worth the risk. Very pleased! I will probably wear most often with the tie undone and front-tucked, which is the look I'm going for. See my recent 1-year update for a pic.