I have kept my button-down shirts in my "current" clothing section during quarantine/covid pandemic because I am nursing, and now that I'm home 100% of the time with my nursling I must have nursing-friendly clothing, which isn't always a slam dunk. But I have not reached for these shirts really at all.

Last week I took some time to play around with one - a blue Everlane shirt. And...I didn't love it. I did wear it (Pic 2) out to pic up a few things, but at the moment this shirt is in my holding area.

I like 3 and 4 the best, but the suede jacket is too warm for summer, and the shirt didn't reach far enough around to really make the "faux wrap" look work. Maybe with a men's shirt that technique could work?

Anyone else feel that shirts generally wear them, rather than the other way around (even when they technically fit, which is also a huge challenge for me!)

Anyone find a way to wear shirts that make them feel casual, comfortable, soft, and feminine?

I'm a Kibbe Soft Classic, and my Color Me season is soft summer deep. my body type is sort of X or 8 or pretty pear, depending on how you interpret that! My style cues are:

feminist - functional, moderately feminine, comfortable
intelligent - interesting color/pattern combinations, interesting details, fashion forward silhouettes
serious - not whimsical or playful, not costumed, often tailored
refined - referencing the traditional, carefully curated
soft - pleated, wrapped, draped, sheer, textured, matte, worn

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