Roxanna’s thread this morning inspired me to pull out this tshirt , be casual, and actually wear the thing.  I rarely, if ever, wear plain or graphic ts. but something about this one made me buy it.....and then it sat in my closet for 2 months. Sigh.  Well, I've had it with male politicians (yours , the UK's and ours) , the patriarchy in general, and all of the stupid male  criminals that seem to be taking up too much of the news these days.  

I'm off to Canadian Tire (not sure what the US equiv is) to get weather stripping for the balcony door, something to better clean my stainless appliances (I am NOT good at this yet - how do you keep it streak-free??) , and Future floor wax in an attempt to spiff up my dark hardwood floors.  I should be working , but it is SO hot, and I am SO not into it, so I'm not even going to try today. Next stop , the pool.

Long weekend ahead here in the Northern Outposts - hope everyone has a relaxing , happy, relatively cool time. And despite what the says, our RCMP officers and northern band leaders don't all look like dolts (former) or wear full ceremonial headresses in their offices (latter). (latest crime story centred in MB this past 10 days) 

Finds not working for anything this morning other than the sandals. Sorry.

shorts: Jag - 5 inch pull-ons. I know this brand is not universally loved, but they really work for me, so...
top - Anthro 
espadrilles - Sam Edelman/Hudson Bay
earrings - Nickel &Suede
lipstick - Stila gloss 
scent/  - Bobbi Brown Beach
no purse - just a gold Coach wristlet.  

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