Okay, so technically, I always work from home, as I'm self-employed and don't have an office, but I have two-three days every week when I plan to intensely work at home--no shopping, no volunteering, no library runs, no coffee meetups. I think of them as my "head down work days," and they could involve anything from computer work to lightweight building projects to glue and paint to photography shoots.

I need a uniform for these days. Something more comfortable than jeans, but presentable enough to answer the door or make a quick trip to Starbucks or the post office.

Over the summer, I did okay with joggers and bf jeans, but I'm not really feeling those ensembles anymore. I've experimented a little with leggings and a long cardigan, but it always feels a bit TOO lounge-y/bathrobe-ish.

Does anyone have a formula suggestion? Maybe comfy corduroys instead of the leggings? Something ponte? Visual aids appreciated!