My first thought was cords and my second flared ponte, or the like, something with stretch.

re: the NYT link above, I have a pair of Gamine dungarees, and a pair of the Sweetwater Trousers otw as my holiday gift-to-myself. They make great pants. Red Ants has been on my radar for quite a while -- they're on my list for when my really ancient Mountain Khakis and Carhartts bite the dust.

I think I'm sized out of the Gamine, but my work isn't quite that intense, anyway. My clothes just need to stand up to the occasional glue spill or paper pulp smear and be reasonably snag resistant. I'm basically like a kindergarten teacher in terms of messiness levels.

I like Angies suggestion of fun socks along with the Crop Flares. This is an interesting dilemma and while I have no ideas for this type of thing I will say I love wearing aprons while in my kitchen and my family indulges me with new ones every holiday season.

I also find there are jeans and there are jeans. I've found a few pairs with a lot of stretch that are as comfortable as leggings, but with more structure and versatility. In plus size, Melissa McCarthy is my current fave, but I don't know if her size range works for you.

Re: the Kut Diana cords -- I had a pair last fall and winter. I loved them until my toddler yanked on one of the back pockets and tore the entire rear seam where the waistband connects. I did try re-sewing the seam, but it's going to come apart again. For 98% cotton, the fabric has a lot of give -- it feels almost like a knit. I am so hard on clothes, even when I'm not doing things like landscaping and trail maintenance, the Gamines are worth it. I just need triple-stitched, bar-tacked, riveted everything.

So... I got a catalog in the mail the other day from J.Jill, and it occurred to me that that might be just the place to get some easy-to-wear, comfortable-luxe pieces for work-at-home. I went in this morning and came home with two pieces: a stretchy, cotton-spandex button-down shirt (!!), and simple, black. ponte, slim-leg pants.

Photos 1 and 2: Simple work-at-home outfit, with my favorite mary jane house shoes.

Photo 3: Adding jacket, scarf, and Chucks for PO/coffee runs.

Photo 4: PPL? The longer leg is the current length. I'm thinking I'll have them hemmed up to the shorter, ankle length (which is where it is in all the other pics). Good? My legs are so short that I seriously would have bought the petite length for my 5'9" self, except that the rise was too short.

Nothing earth-shattering here, but easy, comfortable, and workable? No tags have been removed yet, so any of your thoughts are welcome. If this works, I might duplicate with the same top in off-white. I could also duplicate the pants in a dark fig or deep teal color.

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Jenn I was going to suggest cords but I really like the J. Jill outfit you got. If it is comfy and ticks all your boxes then it looks great to me. I don't have an opinion on PPL. I have not jumped on the cropped pants band wagon.
Now I am going to check the J. Jill site. I need some comfy pants for winter.

The length looks great w/ the mary-janes -- do you have them rolled under in that pic or is it just a trick of the eye/camera? (BTW, I think I'm wearing those same MJs right now -- they're my preferred house shoes too. )

yes, great! duplicate both so you can have 4 different outfits!

Great solution! I think this looks good enough for your public purposes and it's nice that it's comfortable to move around in while you work!

I'm not good at advising about pant length. I was looking online for a pair of non-denim trousers yesterday and pant lengths look to be all over the place! I saw some very short lengths on non-culottes that looked even shorter than a 7/8 length, and/or 3-4" above the ankle bone.

Style Fan - I've been off J.Jill for a while because their clothes just seemed so plain and shapeless, but, now that I think about it, they're kind of like a more affordable Eileen Fisher. I can see myself living in this for work-at-home and travel days, especially with a few accessories to bring them to life.

La Pedestrienne - Too funny. I was thinking about my Mary Janes when you mentioned your indoor ballet flats upthread. Urban Outfitters has some at 2/$20 right now, so I'm thinking about ordering some backups. I like them so much, I'd like to just keep a pair in my bag for my family's shoe-free houses. Also, yes, the pants are rolled under in every pic except #4. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have them hemmed up once I wash them and check for shrinkage.

bella - Good plan! They should be perfectly mix-and-matchable. I had a 30% off coupon this time, so I might give them a good test run and wait for another sale before duplicating.

Staysfit - I've noticed that with pants lengths as well. We really are in an anything-goes stage right now. I wonder if things will settle out in a year or two and we'll start seeing more consistency again.

I like your J. Jill choices and think that they are a fabulous answer to your work from home needs. You will undoubtedly be very comfortable, while still feeling polished and presentable. I agree that a lot of their items are very similar to Eileen Fisher -- but far more affordable.

Thanks, El Cee. I know the vibe is kind of pajama-like, but a bit of jewelry and a topper seems to help quite a bit and, more importantly, I feel dressed, if that makes sense.

I like it for your work at home uniform. I need a comfy outfit for long road trips and I think it would work for me, too

Yes, Bonnie! I was thinking it would work for plane trips, as well, especially with a cozy travel scarf over the top.

Perfect!! It looks easy, comfortable, and presentable. I really like this solution.

I might have to adopt it myself.

I haven't read the other posts, but would a drapey knit skirt over leggings work? Or an A-line skirt, maybe corduroy or denim, again with leggings? You could also change the leggings out for comfy tights--I found some extremely soft cashmere-blend tights at Nordstrom last year that made me change the way I think about tights. They make me feel cuddled and are not constricting at all.

I like your final choice and wanted to add that your hair looks cute pinned up!

I like it! I actually like the longer length pants on you. I have been having relatively good luck with JJill and I've got my eye on some of the new plum things they have for this season. With your coloring I bet you'd look great in them.

I'm wearing my new uniform for the second time today, and it's working great! So far, I'm enjoying not having to put thought and creativity into my outfit on days when I'm putting a lot of thought and creativity into my business. I've also been going to the gym to jumpstart these mornings, and it's nice to know exactly what to grab for the gym bag.

Instead of a second J.Jill top, I'm thinking of adding the below Eddie Bauer shirtdress, assuming it fits. Between Traci's suggestion earlier and La Pedestrienne's shirtdress thread, I can't get that formula out of my head, and I think it would still work over the same slim pontes.

j jill is always super comfy stuff...not always the most stylish, but, comfy, yes. i have quite a bit of it though! for

i wear often the pencil type knit skirts with a longer type sweater and fleece lined tights. throw on black boots and a vest and a necklace and lookin good enough to go out for lunch!

just be sure to size down a bit at j jill...i find that if i buy more normal size, it bags out and looses shape way too easily. now, this is my own opinion....and i do buy there depending on seasons, etc....

the shirt dress you posted is great...i just bought a chambray one at macys and have worn with leggings and boots, necklace and am good to go..i added a scarf too! super comfy work at home outfit.

good luck on your search for the work at home comfy but stylish outfit!