Ok, I couldn't resist after seeing this morning's post - I had to share my hate of stripes!

I don't hate stripes per se, but I hate how they look on me.

A couple of years ago, I noticed, after taking daily outfit photos, that optical, graphic stripes totally overpower my more low-contrast colouring. My petite, curvy figure doesn't work well with stripes, either.

I find stripes work well on people with high-contrast colouring (Helena!) or with a lot of structure and symmetry in their face and neck (Angie!)

But I have a more unusual , less angular face which doesn't seem to suit the strictness of stripes, and my skin colour is more golden and gets washed out by optical stripes. Even low-contrast stripes aren't great for me - more organic, abstract prints seem to work better with my colouring, face shape and body shape for some reason. Stripes are too loud - quieter colours and patterns seem to let me shine more.

I still like stripes and have a few, only because they are inescapable, especially in the summer. But I try greatly to reduce them in favour of more low-contrast or organic patterns that mimic or complement my body and face type.

ETA: some pics of me in stripes and also in more organic patterns.

Am I crazy? Anyone else not like stripes?

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