Haha! I love your title.

Your thoughts make sense - and go for it! I think you could and do look good in them - but why bother unless you want to. And I can see that people with a crisper contrast colouring really can suit them very easily.

I am curvy but I quite like stripes on me. I think it is the sporty aspect that appeals. Whilst I don’t have high contrast colouring I do like contrast patterns and find stripes an easy way of balancing out my looks.

Haha! I have sorta come around on stripes. I used to hate them, but now find them useful for pattern mixing. By themselves, worn classically with a solid, I feel I look unfinished and the pattern too graphic, too simple.

Must say also, I think you look smashing in the stripes you have (!)

Love the curvy prints on you, though I quite like the dress!
And yes 100%! Like you I've got wavy hair, curvy shape, and low contrast- and I've rarely owned anything with stripes. I do like dresses that have diagonal multidirectional stripes though. PC has dresses like that that I've considered.

Don’t worry; I‘ll wear your quota of stripes. And you can wear my quota of florals. Stripes may be too “yang” for you.

I’m not a fan of stripes unless they’re vertical, low contrast & narrow. My coloring & body shape are not well suited to stripes, so all I have in my closet right now are two pairs of wide-legged striped pants that are as described above - vertical, low contrast & narrow.

Say it ain’t so! You do have the right of florals, especially large ones and other organic motifs, like paisley, create some balance with curly hair. I’m always on the lookout for a good floral on a dark background.

Love seeing the green silk outfit again. Just beautiful!

What a terrific analysis - but I am not sure I agree the evidence backs you up as you look pretty darn good in the stripes in the photographs. I am seeing the black and white in your hair as adding contrast that you are not yet used to maybe? But who cares, if you don't feel stripes it is not like you don't look fabulous in more organic patterns. I love a good paisley too actually !

I think you & I may have similar undertones to our skin, so I find stripes can wash me out too. That said, my hair is still (mostly ) black, so I decided to keep this stripe top in the end because the autumnal colours add enough depth to border on more flattering than usual (the background is cream rather than stark white, which is usually hard to find in striped tops):
Kettlewell (the brand of my top) sell clothing according to your seasonal colouring, so just thought it may be a good resource if you're ever looking for something similar.

On reflection though, I think the thinner & further apart stripes in your tops are much more flattering - it's likely why I felt a bit like a 'giant toddler' in my version. I don't regret it though since I still wear this top, but just with a scarf or topper to break up the pattern. I've found the typical navy & white Breton stripes too unflattering though


That said, I'm glad you attached that photo of yourself in the dark floral print, because it's lovely on you! I think side-by-side comparisons can be really useful, because although the stripes look 'OK' on you, the softer rounded pattern is much more harmonious with your overall look! So I'm attaching photos of me doing the same thing:

In stripes & skirt: https://youlookfab.com/upload/....._image.jpg
In blouse & skirt: https://youlookfab.com/upload/....._image.jpg

I think seeing those photos together makes the difference in traditional figure flattery all the more stark. It may have something to do with Kibbe types (I also struggle with classifying my face as not being angular but not being completely rounded or soft either) but I'm unfortunately not much help with that because I don't even know my own Kibbe type But it could be a good starting point for further analysis on why certain patterns work better on you (& me) than others?

Agree 100 percent. I find stripes annoying because they’re so ubiquitous! Blue and white is not a great color combo on me— especially if it’s navy and bright white. Way too high contrast, I’ve realized. And like you, I tend to do better in warm, low contrast, organic shapes that flatter my curves.

I love those stripes on you, but agree exactly with what Toban says: When you wear florals, it vibes with your essence. When you wear stripes it’s dramatic. There’s a place for both and both are beautiful on you. It's down to how you want to feel and what you want to project!

But nr 3(the dress) it's absolutely stunning on you! Please wear it to pieces!!!

Agreeing with others that you LOOK great in stripes, but you need to FEEL great too! I do agree with you that the more organic patterns and lower contrasts feel more "Roxanna" to me and I love the suggestions for a lower contrast, less severe stripe for you (which granted can be hard to come by), if you wanted to play!

Roxanna, if you don’t like wearing stripes, then definitely pass on them. Outfit #2 is beyond stunning on you. I really like the striped dress, but I had one that was similar and passed on it after 12 months simply because I felt it was wearing me and not the other way around. Vertical stripes and polka dots are my preferred graphic prints.

What an eloquent analysis! I like horizontal stripes on my narrow top half to add structure and width... but I'm often a tad conflicted because of the nautical or even childlike vibe many striped tops have. This probably explains why I don't own many, although I'm generally a fan of classic patterns.

Very interesting! I have thought about contrast on myself and found that I look better with higher contrast. I have pale skin and dark hair (or did before I let the gray grow out) and discovered by accident that things without enough contrast washed me out.

I think the striped look good on you but we can tell best on ourselves.

But, but without Stripes there'd be no Ghostbusters ( the better version ) !

I tend to avoid stripes because I'm always afraid the stripes will look like a road full of potholes what with all my curvy parts.