ETA: Returned this dress. Decided that although it was a great piece, it was not great for ME at this stage of my style journey.

Hi all -- I stumbled across this navy merino wool knit COS dress in Marshall's today and liked the style and fabrication enough to bring it home to ruminate on a bit more...

I presume the dress is a couple of years past its season, given where I found it., but it feels like a fairly timeless style Not sure if you'd call it a cocoon shape or something else, but it's fuller at the top and tapers toward the knee, which helps disguise my rectangle a bit. It's a bit longer on me than on the model. Hits a bit below the knee.

Here's the big question: What the heck do I DO with it -- especially the FEET. My fussy feet leave me with very limited footwear options. I don't/can't wear heels or pointy toes. God how I miss pointy toes!

For a casual look, even casual in the office if we ever get back there I could see pairing it with my cognac sneakers. (yes? no?)

I don't currently have a dressy tall boot, but I'm keeping my eyes open. In the meantime I have mid-calf casual-ish brown Timberland boots. Could I pair those with it along with pair of brown tights? Navy tights? I bought these boots before I understood about needing a wider forefoot, so they're not super comfortable, but could pass until I can come up with a better option.

This is not something I was looking for, but it seems like something that could have some longevity and come in handy.

Comments and suggestions welcome.