Thanks, Inge. I like your dress, too! It is a great shape. It helps to know that almost anything will work. Biggest challenge for me is to find any (expletive) footwear that works for my foot -- let alone the dress

I've had a few things home already that I thought might work but have had to go back.

OK -- I played with it a bit today and took some photos. I think the biggest taunt is coming up with the refined shoe I would like to have to dress this up a bit.
1. With brown leggings and brown Timberland not quite knee-high boots. This would be a 'make do' look at best, as I now realize these boots are a bit small. (FWIW I also have them in black)
2. Cognac sneakers. These seem to be one of my better-fitting shoes.
3. Black tights and a pair of black combat boots that I think will have to go back. Too narrow. But, for the look. I'm not so sure I like combat boots and tights on me.
4. Blundstones -- mine, and reasonably comfortable. Unworn since the pandemic began. I am a bit "over them" because think I wore them almost daily for more than a year because they were pretty much the only shoe other than my hiking shoes or gym shoes that didn't make my feet hurt.
5. Oxfords. Bought before I realized I needed wider shoes. Can do in a pinch. Better with sheer hose? Bare legs?
6. Rolled jeans and Birks.
7. Trying for a streetwear-ish look here. Black pants, Blundstones, and a drapey black topper. Maybe it's a lot of fabric and a lot of black.
8. Over wide navy trousers. I threw on some pearls to try to brighten up around the face.

I'm not sure how I feel about navy and black on me.

I have a green long cardigan that brightens it up quite a bit, but I think I'd only wear that if I had a navy shoe. Or even a muted green shoe, I suppose. Dream on, fussyfoot....

Thanks for looking, and I'm all ears as to your thoughts on what works or isn't so flattering.

I guess the ultimate question is: Is this a great piece for me, or just a great piece?

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Love ##2, 3, 4 & 5. Looks fantastic to me!
The dress fits well over jeans but I’m not sure about the color combination,

I am late to this, sorry! Haven't read the other replies, jumped straight to the pics..

#8 is killer!
What about wearing the dress over white hose/leggings and white shoes? You look to suit high contrast looks well!

Thanks, Irina -- It would probably feel more polished with a darker wash -- something for a future purchase!

Thanks for sending love to #8, Synne! I have never really considered white tights, so that's something to think about now -- but I could see a white shoe for sure. White oxfords -- not too dressy and not TOO heavy-soled are on my wish list.

fantastic! you look great in these outfits and it looks like you had fun testing the various options! Nice ideas!

What a great dress for you! It looks fantastic with the sneakers and the Birks especially. I also really like the street style look of 7. I could see it with Docs too and think the combat boot version here is very cool!

You styled the dress very nice , I especially like #2, #5 and #8.

What a great dress. It really fits you nicely. All the iterations work for me

Great styling ! This will be a handy piece in your wardrobe . If I had somewhere to wear such a thing I’d be all over it too .

thank you, Minaminu, kellygirl, mirjana, rachy, and lisa!

Lisa, I am not sure I have anywhere to wear it either!!

I am a huge black and navy fan. I wear very little black, but if I do, it’s probably with navy!
Anyway, I love, love the dress on you! -with all three pairs of boots, the cognac sneakers, and the oxfords. I quite like the tights with the oxfords! Personally, I am not a huge fan of the dress with pants or jeans. I think it would work better with a dress that was a little shorter and/or didn’t taper in at the bottom.

Good job workshopping the COS dress! Now you have a collection of styling options that you can go to. They are all really good! My favourites are #1, #2, #3, and #6.

Thanks, PP and Carla. Now I just need somewhere to go.

Is this not a work dress for you ? I know you’re not in the office , but wouldn’t it be a good comfortable work-at-home look ?

I would definitely wear it for work if we were in the office, but I don't know if I would reach for it working from home. Some sort of psychological block about "wasting" my good items on around home wear. (?!) Home is for the 10-year old sweatshirt with the spaghetti stain, out if for the "fancy" stuff!! Thanks mom and dad.

Wow, you know what you’re doing!
I hear you on not getting dressed if you’re staying home, but sometimes getting groceries or going for a walk can count as “going out”.

So nice! Fav #2, 4 and both #7 and #8 - well styled!

Love it on you and the texture and color are fantastic. 2,5,7, and 8 are first impression favorites but all of these have potential. I like blue and black together on you, but brown and blue is always excellent also.

Thank you so much, SF, and slim cat! Although I still picture some aspirational "more perfect" shoe in my mind's eye, it's nice to know I don't have to wait for it to show up to wear the dress.

Thank you, Shevia. Nice to see some more love for #8 -- definitely mixed reactions to pairing it with pants!

#5 and #7 are my faves. Adore the Oxfords. If I were doing 7, the pants would be a smidge longer and the boots a smidge more refined. But that’s me.
I know shoes are difficult for you with sore feet.

What a great dress! My favorites are 1,2,3 and 7 but really they all work so whichever feels best to you! I am also not sure about navy and black together for me but have gotten used to it with shoes, mostly because I rarely have navy shoes.

Thanks, Jenni - a more refined boot would be my choice too if I could find one my feet would accept. I have never felt good in clunky footwear and I am still working on accepting the look.

Robin, I'm with you on the black and navy combo. I am not sure I would actually pair a black topper with this IRL unless as a coat that was going to come off at my destination. I know many love the look and carry it well but it doesn't feel quite as fab on me. Thanks for commenting!

Love 2-5 and looks great over black pants- like the layered look in 7 the most, nr 8 looks great, too -depends on your personality (more ladylike) -I would never wear it over regular jeans (may be some jeggings?) as they would thicken my waist and feel rigid..but that's only me.

Great looks! Less love for 6 and 7, but I can’t articulate why (something seems off for me). Should be a very versatile dress, but I hear you about “saving” things and wearing schleppy items at home….guilty!

Lynn, the way this dress falls makes if feel surprisingly not blocky at the waist (and I have a very blocky waist) - but I do feel tidier overall with a skinny pant or legging. I actually don't own a pair of jeggings...

Aquamarine - I hear you about something being off. I almost didn't include the picture of 7 because it felt heavy to me. In fact, I think I just realized why it felt off for me -- I am working my way out of several years of weight gain that have resulted in me hiding under lots of black and baggy pieces (that black topper being a prime example). I think it represents where I was and not where I am trying to go.

I bought it because it is the rare dress with a cut that I feel reasonably comfortable in.

Opinions will always differ, but it is interesting to see the polarity with this. Some give the most love to the look others find least appealing. Oddly, I still find myself asking if this is a great dress for me, or just a great dress?

All great but for me this dress will look it's best with knee high boots. # 1 silhouette really appeals to me.

I agree 100% Star. That is really how I want to wear this dress.

My challenge is that a workable pair of knee high boots is a HEWI for me. I've been looking for a few years now and haven't come across anything with the right blend of refinement and comfort that I have in mind.

#6 is killer! By far my fav!

I challenge you to “get dressed” for WFH one day this week. The change might be fun.