I love this dress, and I love it for you! I feel like it has definitely earned a place in your closet, but of course you have to agree :). It's a knit, right? Can you think of it as a slightly longer sweatshirt, and thus wear it more often. e.g., working from home or to the grocery store, rather than saving it for a dressier occasion? I think a lot of us battle with this niggling voice that says "don't ruin it! save it for a special occasion!" but then the unfortunate consequence is that beautiful, suitable, versatile pieces go unworn...

Well done! Great dress. KILLER cute.

#2, 3, 7 and 8 are my faves!

#2 is fab bookending with your hair

Murph11 -- thank you. Challenge accepted -- I'll pick a day to up my game.

Jonesy, you're so right -- because the shape is hard to come by for me, I don't want to treat it just like any sweater and not have that simple dress to throw on when I need it. Then again, how often will I "need" it iin that capacity s the other question to ponder. Plus, if it gets pushed too far to the back of the closet, it gets forgotten when the potential need does arise. Much to chew on...

Angie -- thanks so much for taking time to comment. I'm actually surprised by the love for #7 - I thought it might be too dark and too heavy. But it is certainly an easy way to wear the dress!